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Leverage 8base’s Low-Code Platform and the world’s 14 million JavaScript developers to build and run web applications 10 times faster and more economically.
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8base lets startups, VC-backed scale-ups and enterprises build digital products and internal tools using low-code.

8base enables frontend developers, designers and citizen-developers to build powerful apps with basic JavaScript skills.

Deliver Faster

Focus on building the parts of your application that are unique and let 8base do the rest.

Do More with Less

With 8base, even a solo developer can accomplish big things.

Use Standards

Avoid proprietary no-code languages and build only using standards.

Operate at Scale

From MVP to millions of users, 8base can handle the load.

Fully custom, branded and responsive applications

8base App Builder empowers your frontend developers, designers and citizen-developers to build fully-custom user experiences and workflows when building digital products and internal tools.

Complete Set of Building Blocks

8base delivers the building blocks your application needs out of the box — UI components, common application functions and more.

Pixel-Perfect UI Design

The capabilities of a high-end design tool without code while supporting custom CSS, if needed.

Full Programmability
and Extensibility

8base never limits you by what’s available out of the box.

Agile infrastructure to support apps at scale.

8base offers a three-tier serverless, API-first architecture for any project.
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Managed Data

8base automatically handles database provisioning, maintenance, scaling, replication and security so your team doesn’t have to.

Infinite Computing Resources

Leverage the power of fully-elastic serverless computing that always has capacity available when you need it.


Companies powered by 8base require no DevOps personnel to manage their cloud infrastructure.
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Go from demo, to MVP, to millions of users without ever rewriting your applications.

Build apps for your customers, employees and other stakeholders with 8base’s suite of low-code tools that use standards and 14 million JavaScript developers understand.
Multi-tenant SaaS
and Micro-SaaS
Marketplaces and
Network-Centric Apps
Portal and Customer
Business Process
Management Applications
Field Workforce

Have a vision? 8base Labs can bring it to life.

Our digital software factory, 8base Labs, uses the 8base platform to help you design and develop your web and mobile applications.
We’ve built amazing digital solutions used by millions of people and backed by hundreds of millions in venture capital.
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Customer Success Stories

SaaS platform for full lifecycle management of strategic alliances between companies

Single-instance, multi-tenant SaaS for lead management and CRM for the insurance industry.

SaaS application for product management

Mobile marketplace application that facilitates the sneaker collecting experience

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