Transforming the Entire Software Development Lifecycle

Rethink Development

8base provides a set of tools that revolutionizes the software
development lifecycle from ideation to production


Work with Archie, our AI Product Architect, to design and define your idea

Enter a simple prompt.

Receive a free blueprint of your concept including functional and technical design elements.

Expand your project to full specifications and design.

Get support from a human at any step.


Generate your 8base backend

Leverage your specifications to build your Application Backend.

Includes generation of your data model, test data, custom backend functions and GraphQL API.

Generate the foundation of your software application.


Work with developers to finish the application

Build the remaining parts of your application with your own dev team.

Or, leverage partners to develop the parts of the application that require custom development.

Highly iterative and fully-transparent process.


Run in a fully-scalable DevOps-free computing platform built on AWS.

Leverage the 8base Backend-as-a-Service as a fully-managed cloud service to run your application.

Select from shared, dedicated and self-host options to manage your scaling needs.

SOC 2 and HIPAA compliance, as needed.