Uninhibited Development. Radical Productivity.

8base is the first full-stack low-code development platform built for JavaScript developers. Start building web applications of any scale and complexity.

Build fast without sacrificing flexibility.

Backend and frontend development made simple through visual tools that never inhibit your ability to code when needed – Plus, instantly available cloud infrastructure to run your apps.


Build highly scalable serverless GraphQL backends..

  • Visual schema builder.
  • Spreadsheet-like data views.
  • Serverless functions.
  • Role-based security, authentication, and SSO.
  • Auto-generated, extensible GraphQL API.
  • CLI access.

App Builder

Build visually stunning, responsive, progressive web applications.

  • Drag-and-drop design interface.
  • Rich component set.
  • Import custom libraries and custom components.
  • Prepackaged accelerators for common application services.
  • Write JavaScript anywhere with handlebar notation.
  • Easily connect to 8base backend, other data sources and APIs.

Cloud Infrastructure

Instantly available cloud infrastructure.

  • Managed relational database.
  • DevOps-free serverless infrastructure.
  • Redundant and fault-tolerant.
  • Dedicated and self-hosted environment options.
  • SOC II- and HIPAA-compliant.
  • Powered by AWS.

Built for Developers

8base was built to amplify the power of the world’s 14 million JavaScript developers. We abstract away boring and repetitive work while letting developers focus on the code that matters most.

Our product is rich in features that support development and developer workflows.



8base supports professional developer workflows, including continuous integration / continuous deployment across multiple 8base environments.

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Aside from JavaScript and TypeScript functions, you can write code almost anywhere in 8base using handlebar notation (double brackets).

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8base has a powerful State Management capability that displays the current state of all code, components, and global parameters for your 8base application. Developers can access State values through code.

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8base enables developers to build backend and frontend JavaScript and Typescript functions to extend your GraphQL API, create RESTful endpoint, execute tasks when events occur or even schedule-based.

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8base allows developers to build complex GraphQL queries, mutations, and subscriptions enabled via Websocket connections. 8base also allows for direct SQL access to its backend.

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8base allows powerful API Roles and Permissions to be configured through a visual interface while also allowing developers to code custom filters using JSON.

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The 8base Command Line Interface (CLI) makes it easy to generate custom functions and manage workspaces straight from the terminal.

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Low-Code API

All of 8base is an API, so developers can directly modify their backend and frontend while bypassing the 8base Console and App Builder.

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Deliver Smarter, Deliver Faster

Leverage 8base’s Low-Code Platform and the world’s 14 million JavaScript developers to build and run sophisticated web applications 10 times faster and more economically.

Get to Market Faster

Improve time to market by building only the differentiating parts of your application.

Do More with Less

Leverage a more compact team of the world’s largest pool of software talent.

Operate at Scale

A platform that handles scalability of your features, team, and user base.

Reduce Risks

Say no to exotic languages, closed platforms, and security vulnerabilities.

Transform Your Development, Transform Your Business Model.

Low-Code is quickly becoming the defacto way of building software. Join the movement and enjoy the benefits.

Deliver Faster

Deliver client work faster through a combination of instantly available infrastructure, pre-built components, and powerful development tools.

Optimize Talent

Increase developer productivity. Pursue larger client projects using smaller teams. Engage in smaller projects that will grow over time.

Deliver Maintainable Solutions

Code is a liability; features are not. 8base dramatically reduces your coding surface and learning curve for new team members.

Increase Profitability

Start each project with much of the work already done. Reduce your dependency on a large team and bench of non-billable resources.


Go from MVP to millions of users
without rewriting your applications.

A single platform to use across innovation, transformation, and re-platforming use cases.

Multi-tenant SaaS
and Micro-SaaS

Marketplaces and
Network-Centric Apps

Internal Tools

Business Process Management Applications

Portals and Customer Experiences

Taking Low Code to the Next Level

Built for JavaScript Developers

The JavaScript ecosystem is 17.5 million developers strong. 69% of all professional developers understand it. We built 8base around an already thriving language and developer ecosystem rather than invent a brand-new language and manufacture developers around it.

Drop into Code Anywhere

8base lets you develop visually but enables developers to drop into code when necessary or desired.

Build any Type of Application

Build a varied range of application and solution types from consumer-facing apps to internal apps and enterprise solutions.

Serverless API-First Architecture

Auto-scaling infrastructure, separation of backend and frontend enabled via GraphQL API.

Full Design Control

Enables the development of digital products in addition to internal apps with styling control down to the individual UI element level, including custom CSS.


Almost all low-code products charge per end-user, which renders them unusable for consumer-facing apps and digital products.

What Are Developers Saying About 8base?

chief of product development at cobuild lab
Angel Lacret
Chief of Product Development @ Cobuild Lab
“8base cuts in half all the things that you need to do to create a well-designed application.”
front-end developer and ux/ui designer for ibm
Eva Hankova
Front-end Developer, UI/UX Designer @ IBM
"8base's GraphQL API is amazing! It gives me everything I need to quickly build front-end apps with robust filters, sorting and pagination for my data with zero backend work."
chief technology officer for evidencecare
Ryan Macy
chief technology officer @ EvidenceCare
"GraphQL is a really amazing solution for a very serious problem, which is making APIs as usable as a UIs. That’s pretty much a requirement today for creating a great developer experience.”
senior developer advocate for microsoft
Christian Nwamba
Senior Developer Advocate @ Microsoft
“8base is a life-changing tool for developers. It's like Firebase but with GraphQL, relational data, flexibility and extensibility. I absolutely love it!”
front-end developer for w+r studios
Sky Winston
Front-End Developer @ W+R Studios
“Speaking on behalf of front-end developers, what we don’t have is a way to easily get a back-end up and running. That’s why I’m so excited about 8base. It’s where I can go to do just that."
analyst for it partners limited
Sam Woolerton
Analyst @ IT Partners Limited
" I detest DevOps, database migrations, and that sort of stuff. And literally, 8base handles all of that. So, it’s perfect for me. "
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