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-backed company.

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Deliver Faster

Accelerate time-to-market with a proven & flexible foundation built on AWS.

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Do More with Less

Conquer larger projects with smaller teams; or, partner with us to design & develop your solution.

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Operate at Scale

Build on a managed platform that's powerful, DevOps-free & scales autonomously as needs grow.

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We built your foundation, so you can focus on innovation.

8base makes software development happen faster and with less risk.

The Status Quo

80% of the time and money spent on building software tends to go towards non-unique systems; meanwhile, only 20% is left to focus on core innovation. Well-intentioned teams often reinvent the wheel in the name of flexibility, scalability, and learning new cool skills while companies miss opportunities.

This leads to:

  • Budget overruns

  • Delivery delays

  • Lost opportunities

  • Bad culture

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The 8base Way

  • 8base flips the equation so that makers can focus 80% of their time on the innovation of their digital experience, rather than foundational work. Deliver faster, with a more compact team and a far smaller budget. 8base breaks the cycle of rebuilding software by keeping up with the evolution of the tech stack on your behalf. Never worry about capacity constraints as 8base expands to handle your load.

Architecture for Agile Organizations

8base is powered by
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Managed Data

All 8base database and storage instances are fully managed, secure and fault-tolerant.

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Serverless Computing

8base takes care of your computing resources in a fast, easy and inexpensive way.

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Powerful GraphQL API

A secure, self-documented and instantly-provisioned access point for all your backend resources.

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Companies powered by 8base require no DevOps personnel.

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Enterprise data sources

Enterprise data sources - 8base lets you instantly connect your organization and expose it through our  unified GraphQL API.

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Authentication and SSO

8base makes authentication easy and helps you utilize over 30 different social and enterprise single-sign-on providers.

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Object storage

Easily attach files to data objects — 8base takes care of AWS S3 integration and security.

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Role-based access controls

Configure custom roles to accommodate different personas' application security requirements.

Create the applications you need, fast!

8base provides a powerful and easy-to-use backend platform for building and running web and mobile applications.

Increase revenue, satisfaction and retention with personalized omnichannel experiences.

Customers today demand simple online versions of every interaction with your organization across all of their personal devices. Yet, organizations struggle with elevated design expectations and increased backend systems complexity.


8base allows you to fully integrate your backend systems and securely expose them through our GraphQL API. Unlike expensive alternatives, 8base provides powerful but inexpensive user accounts, data storage, computing, and other resources. 8base also auto-scales to meet the needs of any customer base. The bulk of the work becomes building front-end web and/or mobile applications; 8base's design and development team can help with that as well.

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Build your subscription business fast, with less investment, and to scale from day-1.

The multi-tenancy aspect of SaaS dramatically increases application architecture and development complexity in a similar manner to how building a skyscraper is more complex than a single-family home.


The 8base Platform was designed by experienced SaaS entrepreneurs and operators to solve these complex problems. 8base enables makers to account for complex roles and administration capabilities, consolidated reporting, and analytics, in addition to increased information security requirements. The 8base design and development team will happily lend a very experienced hand if so desired.

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Focus on catalyzing your network effect, not managing a software development project.

Two-sided marketplaces suffer from massive chicken-and-egg stakeholder adoption challenges. The technology that powers these is complex, and customers are very unforgiving of inadequate user experiences.


8base makes the development of marketplaces far easier so that entrepreneurs or similar project sponsors can focus their time and attention on the creation of a network effect. The 8base Team has built many of these and is happy to help you design and build yours if you would like our help.

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8base greatly accelerates the transition from expensive, antiquated, and unsupported applications.

Businesses have accumulated an enormous amount of technical debt from custom applications they built that are now antiquated and often unsupported. These are expensive to maintain and slow to change; they have become an anchor for otherwise fast-moving companies.


8base provides a modern, scalable cloud infrastructure combined with a set of application core services to make re-platforming legacy systems relatively easy. The focus shifts to building engaging user interfaces and unifying backend systems. The 8base team can help you design, architect and build these transformational solutions.

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Enabling digital customer access

Build web and mobile applications to enhance customer experience and differentiate your business.

Streamlining internal business processes

Eliminate manual processes, spreadsheet juggling and the need for excess staff.

Building multi-tenant SaaS products

For startups or established businesses to create powerful online products that rival those of large SaaS companies


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Who uses 8base?

What are people saying about 8base?

Angel Lacret
Angel Lacret
Chief of Product Development @ Cobuild Lab
“8base cuts in half all the things that you need to do to create a well-designed application.”
Eva Hankova
Eva Hankova
Front-end Developer, UI/UX Designer @ IBM
"8base's GraphQL API is amazing! It gives me everything I need to quickly build front-end apps with robust filters, sorting and pagination for my data with zero backend work."
Ryan Macy
Ryan Macy
chief technology officer @ EvidenceCare
"GraphQL is a really amazing solution for a very serious problem, which is making APIs as usable as a UIs. That’s pretty much a requirement today for creating a great developer experience.”
Christian Nwamba
Christian Nwamba
Senior Developer Advocate @ Microsoft
“8base is a life-changing tool for developers. It's like Firebase but with GraphQL, relational data, flexibility and extensibility. I absolutely love it!”
Sky Winston
Sky Winston
Front-End Developer @ W+R Studios
“Speaking on behalf of front-end developers, what we don’t have is a way to easily get a back-end up and running. That’s why I’m so excited about 8base. It’s where I can go to do just that."
Sam Woolerton
Sam Woolerton
Analyst @ IT Partners Limited
" I detest DevOps, database migrations, and that sort of stuff. And literally, 8base handles all of that. So, it’s perfect for me. "

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