Transforming how software is created

I have spent my entire career either coding, designing, implementing or using software as a developer, management consultant and SaaS entrepreneur in myriad industries. These experiences have always been hard, expensive and fraught with risk. 8base was conceived of to radically transform the experience of building and operating enterprise software in a positive manner for everyone involved.

- Albert Santalo, 8base Founder and CEO

8base is built by developers, for developers and trusted by global enterprises.

8base was built to make developers and their customers' and/or employers' lives easier. We accomplish this by eliminating the need to worry about building and scaling a backend infrastructure. We believe software backend can be provisioned in this manner; however, we also believe developers today should have full control of front-ends because templated designs do not get the job done as the world moves towards digital enablement of all customer experiences. 8base balances backend control with front-end freedom to the delight of all involved.

Our Guiding Principles

At 8base, we believe that our culture is the bedrock of our execution and that we must strive to uphold it at all times.

We aim to amaze

We strive to be excellent in all things that we do. We are not solely an engineering or sales-excellence organization we are an everything-excellence, well-oiled machine. We treat every communication with customers,  employees and other stakeholders with a sense of empathy and concern for elegant interactions.

We value feedback as a gift

We solicit harsh and timely feedback. We fall in love with our own, creative ideas but then we take the time to solicit feedback from our harshest critics. We purposely make ourselves uncomfortable in order to deliver brilliance.

We build for our customers

We invent what others cannot envision but we rapidly test our assumptions with our customers. We then iterate to satisfy our customers' needs and wants.

Our Strengths lie in our differences

We are stronger when we are inclusive of individuals with diverse backgrounds. We seek to build teams in such a manner. We are respectful of each other.

We act like owners

We seek out problems and we solve them. We are scrappy whenever possible and we have a bias for action and accountability. We finish what we start and we build 8base to last. And when we make mistakes we hold ourselves accountable.

We persevere

There is nothing more important in business than grit. We are not afraid to tackle big challenges and we work together to achieve them. We seek out team members who enjoy solving big problems.

We are courageous and do the right thing

Our integrity is not negotiable. We own up to our mistakes and we do not sugar coat them. We resist temptations to act dishonestly and we do not abuse the trust and confidence of our stakeholders or each other.

We are team first

We seek to act as teams at 8base. In this manner, we decentralize action and accountability and we empower all involved. The needs of individuals take a back seat to the needs of the team. When it comes to communication, there is no hierarchy. Everyone is free to voice their opinions.

8base in action

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