Transforming how software is created

8base empowers developers to reduce the time needed to build powerful software applications by eliminating the need to worry about backend computing and application infrastructure.

In today’s day and age, people have grown used to using beautiful, well-made software every day of their lives. We feel that the same should be true for the software that businesses use to power their organizations.

8base is on a mission to democratize software development by enabling anyone to build powerful business solutions.

Our developer tools are just the beginning. We’re building a suite of products to empower the modern workforce, from enterprise to small business. Because we believe that when the creation of software is accessible to anyone, imaginations can become a reality.

Our principles that guide us


IT resources must support strategic business needs rather than repetitive, low-value add tasks.


People at work deserve consumer grade user interface for their business apps.

Responsive & Browser Independent

Apps must be responsive across different device form factors, should compile to native when needed.

Citizen Developers

Users should be in full control of the business logic that powers their business.


Common application functionality should be as ubiquitous as electricity and running water.


Computing infrastructure should scale automatically based upon user demand.

IT as a Utility

IT production functions such as backups, redundancy, systems monitoring, etc. should be the function of a world-class provider.


Users must be able to collaborate amongst each other within their business applications.

8base in action