Our Technology

8base is a low-code development platform that helps developers, whether they be engineers or business people, to easily create new business applications. Our unique edge serverless technology allows direct client-side interaction with various blockchains via a unified GraphQL API.

Get More Done Faster with Less

Our Backend-as-a-Service allows you to get up and running instantly without employing a full team of software development and IT professionals. Leverage 8base to rapidly deliver functional, beautiful and scalable software.

Advanced GraphQL

What is GraphQL?
This powerful API allows developers to:
  1. Define and update a database schema using GraphQL SDL Syntax.
  2. Use our Avanced Query Language:
    • CRUD operations (Create, Read, Update and Delete).
    • Define advanced Filters
    • Paginate Data Results.
    • Cache Data
  3. Expose Database through secure GraphQL API Gateway
For more information visit GraphQL.org

File and Document Store

Our native file and document store is a simple storage service that securely captures and stores raw files and makes them accessible to the system through our GraphQL API. Files are indexed and tagged and can be attached to any object.

Fault Tolerance and Backups

Our automated backup feature enables point-in-time recovery for your database instance. We can also employ replication to enhance availability and reliability for your production workloads.


Our Serverless Chassis allows you to dynamically run code without provisioning or managing servers. You only pay for the compute time you consume. Avoid having expensive, energy-consuming idle infrastructure.


The 8base Platform automatically scales in response to the size of your workload, eliminating the need for capacity planning and DevOps functions.


Our event-driven architecture and services gives developers the infrastructure they need to effectively develop a modern event-driven application.

Extensibility Framework

Our SDK provides an Extensibility Framework that allows developers to easily create extensions to the 8base Serverless Chassis. Additionally, developers looking to utilize extensions can easily discover and use extensions with no integration required.

Work with Any Blockchain

Blockchain is a new technology that is suitable in certain situations. 8base makes blockchain-based development easier. Considerations include: Public versus private; consensus approach; openness versus control; speed and cost; and, even environmental impact. We help make this choice easier while facilitating the ultimate implementation.

Blockchain Agnostic

The 8base Platform makes it possible to approach software architecture from a blockchain agnostic perspective while easily incorporating the blockchain of choice into your applications.

Build Decentralized Apps Using Our Client-Side/Edge Technology

Almost all app building technologies were built for a centralized world where client-side user interfaces talks to a server-side database and application logic through an API. Decentralization calls for client-side logic to speak to the blockchain and decentralized storage through smart contracts. 8base can be installed locally in a decentralized manner.

Cross-Connecting Disparate Blockchains

Decentralized applications will ultimately rely on the execution of multiple smart contracts, across multiple blockchains. Our solution makes it relatively easy to create software that integrates transactions across multiple blockchains.

Developers Decide Which Way to Interact

Work inside our Visually Stunning Environment or in Beast Mode (Command Line Interface)

Data Schema

Easily define complex data schemas using our visual tools or from your front-end code via the GraphQL API.

Data Viewer

View your data instantly inside of our integrated data viewer. Apply filters, grouping, sorting and other advanced features.

Role-Based Security

Restrict system access by creating advanced roles, privileges, users and groups with our easy-to-use administrative tools.

Settings & Account Manager

Manage your account and create custom settings to be utilized by your apps.

Command Line Interface

Skip the fancy UI and use the Command Line for many system functions.

Develop Stunning Apps

For any application, the user interface (UI) defines the experience. Our tools help developers rapidly incorporate UI design patterns that are recognized and loved by billions of end users around the world.

8base Boost UI Kit

Boost is a lightweight and modular front-end framework for developing fast and powerful web interfaces.

Front-End SDK & Components

Access our modular and customizable UI components and controls with a few lines of code.