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Enterprise-grade data infrastructure delivered through an API

Instantly available data infrastructure

Your entire database infrastructure delivered as a modern data API.

Instantly Available Data Environment

A modern, powerful and fully-scalable data environment developers can use immediately - no backend work required.

Relational database

  • Fully encrypted, distributed, fault-tolerant and self-healing.

  • Can be hosted in different regions or globally distributed (custom tier).

  • Define relational schemas that include structured field types, files and data from external systems.

  • 100% ACID compliant - guarantees the validity of database transactions.

  • Easily attach images, documents, voice, video and other file types to records from 8base’s object storage facility.

Simple yet powerful data schema management

  • 8base Data Builder lets you define comprehensive data schemas that include structured database tables, fields, files and data from external systems.

  • Easily define complex inter-table relationships, field attributes and constraints.

  • Utilize smart fields to store composite structures like addresses, phone numbers and names.

  • Define and manage geographic data fields.

Fully-integrated cloud storage

  • Easily attach files to data objects - 8base takes care of AWS S3 integration.

  • Files are cryptographically protected.

  • Integrate advanced file processing for computer vision, OCR and more.

Connect external data

  • Connect your instance.

  • Cross-connect your 8base and data.

  • Immediately access your data bi-directionally through our Secure GraphQL API.

Easily browse all of your data

  • Utilize our full-features data viewer to work directly with application data inside of 8base.

  • View different types of files using our data viewer.

  • Import .csv files.

Access your data through a powerful GraphQL API

  • 8base auto-generates CRUD operations and subscriptions for all data objects.

  • 8base also auto-generates all data access documentation.

  • Query complex graphs of data.

  • Leverage powerful filtering, sorting, pagination and full-text search.

  • Utilize data grouping and aggregation commands.

Advanced Data Capabilities

Advanced Capabilities are available in our premium pricing tiers

  • Directly access your instance with SQL.

  • Define custom indexes.

  • Define custom views.

  • Maintain multiple environments with full CI/CD capabilities.

  • Upsize your database instance.

  • Select any AWS region.

  • Create multiple replicas across availability zones.

  • Deploy your database across multiple AWS Regions for low-latency local reads and cross-region disaster recovery..

A Foundation for Rapid Innovation

8base ensures your development effort is 80% focused on your frontend user experience, not development of non-differentiating backend systems. 8base delivers great architecture, strong reliability and unlimited scaling.

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Role-Based Access Controls

Define roles and data access permissions at the table and field level.

do more with less

Data Encryption

8base encrypts data both at rest and in transit.

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Cryptographic Signatures

Queries to files return links that are cryptographically signed and last for 15 minutes by default (configurable).

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Build with confidence that you won’t be locked in.

Unlike other platforms, 8base uses standards and widely accepted technologies
to ensure your intellectual property can be ported to other platforms if the need ever arises.

Fast MySQL

Up to 5 times faster than standard MySQL.

Highly available
and durable

Replicated and can be configured to performance up to point-in-time backups.

 Fully-managed database

Never worry about provisioning hardware, software patches, setup, configuration, backups or disaster-recovery.

Database migration Support

Migrate your data directly using our API or contact us to help you.

What are developers saying about 8base?

Angel Lacret
Angel Lacret
Chief of Product Development @ Cobuild Lab
“8base cuts in half all the things that you need to do to create a well-designed application.”
Eva Hankova
Eva Hankova
Front-end Developer, UI/UX Designer @ IBM
"8base's GraphQL API is amazing! It gives me everything I need to quickly build front-end apps with robust filters, sorting and pagination for my data with zero backend work."
Ryan Macy
Ryan Macy
chief technology officer @ EvidenceCare
"GraphQL is a really amazing solution for a very serious problem, which is making APIs as usable as a UIs. That’s pretty much a requirement today for creating a great developer experience.”
Christian Nwamba
Christian Nwamba
Senior Developer Advocate @ Microsoft
“8base is a life-changing tool for developers. It's like Firebase but with GraphQL, relational data, flexibility and extensibility. I absolutely love it!”
Sky Winston
Sky Winston
Front-End Developer @ W+R Studios
“Speaking on behalf of front-end developers, what we don’t have is a way to easily get a back-end up and running. That’s why I’m so excited about 8base. It’s where I can go to do just that."
Sam Woolerton
Sam Woolerton
Analyst @ IT Partners Limited
" I detest DevOps, database migrations, and that sort of stuff. And literally, 8base handles all of that. So, it’s perfect for me. "
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Go even faster and have more fun when you work as a development team.

Create individual roles to control access to each aspect of the platform to comply with your organization’s IT governance policies.

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