Powerful Application Core Services

Focus on the code that matters

8base delivers powerful application core services to help you with authentication, single sign-on, file storage and more. We call these non-unique systems because they are things all applications need yet they don’t differentiate your application in a material way.

Protect Your Data Through Powerful Security Capabilities

8base enables you to define roles and permissions for API-based data access.

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Role-Based Access Controls

Easily define roles for API-based data access through the 8base Console.

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Granular Permissions

Define Table- and Field-Level Permissions without Code.

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Incorporate custom code, if needed, into your role and permission definitions.

Login and Authentication Made Simple

8base helps you get powerful login and authentication capabilities up and running quickly without compromising security.


Utilize 8base's native authentication provider for your first 500 users.

Bring-your-own Auth Provider

Utilize your own Auth0 or OpenID provider.


Enable different authentication methods and providers for different types of users.


Allow guest access and self-service user registration for your apps.

File Handling, User Management and More

The 8base team is continually looking for opportunities to take away more of the work developers do that is critical to the success of their app but not differentiated from what other apps do.

Social and Enterprise Single-Sign-On

Easily utilize over 30 social and enterprise single-sign-on providers.

Integrated User Management

8base lets you manage and monitor user access from within the 8base Console.

Integrated File Handling service

8base makes handling files simple.
  • Easily define File Type fields in your data model - 8base stores them on AWS S3.

  • Incorporate powerful file upload components into your applications.

  • Configure file security.

  • Leverage powerful filtering, sorting, pagination and full-text search.

  • Easily transform, convert and optimize images and files.

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