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Bring your legacy systems and IT environment up to speed and compete as an agile, technology-enabled leader using the latest in cloud-scalable architecture.


Legacy Software Drawbacks can Hurt your Business

Businesses have accumulated an enormous amount of technical debt from custom applications they built that are now antiquated and often unsupported. These are expensive to maintain and slow to change; they have become an anchor for otherwise fast-moving companies.

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Application Modernization Benefits

Turn your dusty old workhorse solutions into brilliant, modern cloud-based applications.

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We can ensure your new applications are compatible with your surviving systems.

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Your new applications are built design features that include the latest in security best-practices.

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We understand that radical change is hard and risk. We can help you plan and execute on a measures implementation of your modernized systems.

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Ensuring a smooth transition and no loss of productivity is paramount. Our team can help you ensure disruptions or losses of productivity are never an issue.

Our Legacy Application Modernization Approach

We are your partner in legacy application modernization, each step of the way.


We analyze your needs, from an architectural, functional and continuity of operations perspective.


We can assume the lead on frontend design and development, backend development, integrations and data migration services to the modernized solutions.


We help you develop a comprehensive modernization blueprint that includes architecture, design and roll out plans.


We can work with your team to ensure a smooth deployment of the modernized solution, whether a flash-cut or staged rollout.

Why the 8base Platform is the Right Choice

8base is the right architecture for agile organizations.

Leverage the power
of AWS

Never worry about infrastructure limitations or a lack of reliability because 8base is built on AWS.

Cloud architecture through a single API

We make powerful backend infrastructure simple to use through our powerful API.

on Demand

Our serverless architecture scales from 1 to millions of users.


8base works autonomously as a fully-managed service.

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What Are Customers Saying About 8base?

chief of product development at cobuild lab
Angel Lacret
Chief of Product Development @ Cobuild Lab
“8base cuts in half all the things that you need to do to create a well-designed application.”
front-end developer and ux/ui designer for ibm
Eva Hankova
Front-end Developer, UI/UX Designer @ IBM
"8base's GraphQL API is amazing! It gives me everything I need to quickly build front-end apps with robust filters, sorting and pagination for my data with zero backend work."
chief technology officer for evidencecare
Ryan Macy
chief technology officer @ EvidenceCare
"GraphQL is a really amazing solution for a very serious problem, which is making APIs as usable as a UIs. That’s pretty much a requirement today for creating a great developer experience.”
senior developer advocate for microsoft
Christian Nwamba
Senior Developer Advocate @ Microsoft
“8base is a life-changing tool for developers. It's like Firebase but with GraphQL, relational data, flexibility and extensibility. I absolutely love it!”
front-end developer for w+r studios
Sky Winston
Front-End Developer @ W+R Studios
“Speaking on behalf of front-end developers, what we don’t have is a way to easily get a back-end up and running. That’s why I’m so excited about 8base. It’s where I can go to do just that."
analyst for it partners limited
Sam Woolerton
Analyst @ IT Partners Limited
" I detest DevOps, database migrations, and that sort of stuff. And literally, 8base handles all of that. So, it’s perfect for me. "
analyst for it partners limited
Abdul Karmach,
CO-Founder @ AscendWare.net
"We founded the company doing low code but hopped around different platforms because they all had critical limitations and dead ends. We needed low-code, but also complete flexibility — and that’s precisely what 8base provides. It allows us to build any application while dramatically reducing the expense and labor. "
analyst for it partners limited
Mihir Shah
Co-Founder @ ITWOX
"The feedback has been that it's very easy for the new devs to understand the core concept of 8base. It takes about a day or two for them to really get up to speed."
analyst for it partners limited
Josh Clements
Managing Director @ Integris Group
"Usually, you expect to get 80% of what you want with low code; the other 20% is nearly impossible and you just burn a ton of time trying to accomplish it. We have not encountered that 20% at all since transitioning to 8base."
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Frequently Asked Questions

How will software modernization improve my business?

Software applications are of strategic importance to organizations. With the right tools and systems in place, you can accomplish business objectives and reach your company’s full potential.

Legacy system modernization empowers your IT department so that they can work more efficiently and intelligently. They would no longer need to waste time on manual integrations and bug fixes.

Benefits include:

  • Market differentiation.
  • Improved business agility.
  • Cost reduction.
  • Enhanced team productivity, performance and morale.
  • Improved compliance.
  • Improved customer support.
  • Stronger security.

How long does it take to modernize software?

Software modernization projects have been known to take years. However, full-stack low-code applications like 8base short-circuit this process by many orders of magnitude, making it possible to modernize in months.

What is software modernization?

Legacy software modernization is a process of transforming or converting a legacy system into a modern infrastructure to reduce IT costs, improve flexibility, collaboration, and consistency.

Legacy modernization, is also known as software modernization or platform modernization. It involves the conversion, rewriting or porting of a legacy system to a modern systems architecture, design and environment. This can include redesign of the user interface, creation of an API or API-first architecture, re-architecting the core of the application, transitions to new database technologies, programming languages, cloud-based architectures, mobile computing, software libraries, protocols and even hardware or hosting providers.

What happens if my legacy systems are decades behind the times?

Not a problem. 8base has a network of partners that can help you determine a solid migration path, convert your existing data, design and build whatever application software is required and assist you with the transition.

What happens if my team doesn’t understand the latest in computing architectures?

Most IT teams are focused on taking care of the systems currently implemented at their organizations rather than remaining current with the latest technologies available on the market. It is because of this that companies full-stack low-code applications like 8base are incredibly important. The 8base Platform has been designed and implemented with the latest and greatest architectural components and our network of partners can help bridge the gap of knowledge for your organization.

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