Bolt is 8base’s
GraphQL Integration Engine

Unify all of your Salesforce and other enterprise data inside of 8base and expose it through our secure GraphQL API for use in custom application development.
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8base Bolt Features

Access Salesforce using GraphQL

  • Easily expose all of your data for use in custom application development.

  • 8base exposes Salesforce data as virtual tables.

Enhance your data model without customizing Salesforce

  • Combine Salesforce data with 8base data.

  • Add custom fields and files to your Salesforce tables inside of 8base without recording them inside of

Enable front-end developers to build using data

  • Equip front-end developers without experience to build custom apps

Utilize 30+ enterprise and social single‑sign‑ons

  • Easily integrate over 30 different enterprise- and social- identity providers for custom apps.

Connect your enterprise-wide data sources and expose them through GraphQL

  • Your data is spread across dozens of cloud and on-premise systems.

  • Connect your 8base tables and external tables to establish cross-system, enterprise data relationships.

  • All data is immediately exposed through our secure GraphQL API

  • If a connector doesn't exist for your system, we can help

Secure your data

  • Create custom roles to accommodate different persona’s application security requirements.

  • Define table- and field-level permissions for your 8base and tables and fields.

  • Define custom permissioning logic, as needed.

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