General Questions

What is 8base?

A modern, extensible Application Development Platform that greatly accelerates the deployment of software solutions by providing developers and citizen-developers with a robust, cloud-based chassis and advanced tools to facilitate rapid development.  We bring business people, developers, and technology into one elegant ecosystem.

8base is software to build software – quickly.

Where does the name 8base come from?

8 is a magical number signifying balance, wealth, prosperity and good fortune. 8 is perfectly symmetrical and infinite in its symbolism and construct. 8 carries enormous significance in computer science and there are 8 decimal places in Bitcoin. And lastly, like The Beatles, the team at 8base works 8 days a week to deliver a perfect product!8base is a general purpose platform with a database-first orientation --- therefore, Base stems from database.

What is our App Builder?

Our App Builder helps citizen-developers to quickly spin up applications with minimal effort at reduced cost.  Using disruptive technologies such as artificial intelligence inside an easy-to-use experience, we help the citizen-developer bridge the knowledge and cost gap of using diverse technology vendors coupled with the cost of maintaining obsolete applications.

Who can use 8base?

Citizen-developers who possess even low to moderate technical skills needing robust applications quickly at low cost.Engineers desperate to focus their efforts on high-value coding rather than on mundane application and infrastructure level tasks.Anyone seeking to code, develop, create or curate within our decentralized innovation economy will be incentivized for their efforts.

How is 8base different from other DIY low-code application builders?

Think about this: many competitors in this space were founded before smartphones, Google and Facebook existed.  Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud were not even ideas yet.  DIY tools before 8base tried to solve problems from a different century.

8base solves today’s business challenges using the most innovative technologies available inside an intuitive, friendly user interface while connecting developers and business people in a disruptive ecosystem.  Our difference is we are experienced technology entrepreneurs creating modern software solutions.

When will 8base be available?

Our solution for the developer community will be made available as a Beta release in late 2018.

What are the low-code and no-code movements?

Businesses of all shapes and sizes throughout the world are under tremendous pressure to digitally transform. There exists a desperate need in the marketplace to shorten development cycles while reducing costs and associated risks. There is also an enormous shortage of qualified software professionals in the world. Low-code solutions allow developers to become more productive, abstracting much of the low-value software development tasks away from their daily work. No-Code tools also allow non-technical business people to develop their own software without having to employ developers or stand up their own IT infrastructure. This accomplishes the goal of software development happening closer to where the business requirements actually exist.

What is Blockchain technology?

Blockchain is a revolutionary technology that affords companies tremendous opportunities while also threatening their very existence. Almost any company that acts as an intermediary must consider how Blockchain both enables and threatens their business.  A Blockchain is a distributed ledger that is transparent, immutable, open and secure on a peer-to-peer network.

Will my application require Blockchain technology?

Not all applications benefit from the use of Blockchain technology. For those that do benefit, the cost of development and integration can be staggering. This is especially true given that there are very few technically competent Blockchain developers in the world and most are very highly compensated.

Blockchain works well in situations where an immutable record of transactions, identities or other is required, when decentralization of control is preferred and when specific processing rules need to be encoded into the network itself so they are unchangeable. Blockchain enables a trust framework for the digital assets it manages.

When should I launch my application on Blockchain?

8base realizes that hybrid applications that are built on Blockchain and traditional technologies are necessary to seamlessly and transparently integrate these into a single computing environment.  If the business use case requires Blockchain, developers can add it as part of the rich tool set provided by 8base.  The 8base Blockchain will create a decentralized network powered by a global community of hardcore developers.

Product Questions

What is a Serverless Chassis?

Serverless computing allows developers to build and run applications without thinking about provisioning, scaling and managing any servers. 8base delivers all of the computing resources and application infrastructure developers need to run and scale applications with high availability handled automatically for them. The 8base Chassis also integrates most of the common capabilities of modern software into a set of consumable and configurable services. Rather than create the same capabilities over and over again in each software product, 8base makes these available to developers in a hardened, scalable software chassis.

What is a Decentralized Innovation Economy?

Commercial software products have generally evolved through the provider’s product development team slowly responding to requests from their largest customers. Because of this, open source approaches have come to be recognized as more powerful than commercial approaches. At 8base, we agree with James Surowiecki, who wrote that the “wisdom of crowds” helps solve problems faster and foster innovation quicker than the elite few: James Surowiecki Ted Talk.     

Our platform fosters innovation by solving business challenges through a decentralized software solutions network.  Innovation thrives on our network as software developers and designers all over the world develop, collaborate and solve real world business problems.

In exchange for their efforts, the consumers of those solutions, whether it is a fellow developer or a business person seeking a solution, are rewarded for their efforts.

What is the Consumerization of Enterprise Software?

The release of so many elegant technology solutions like the iPhone and Facebook have forever changed what people expect from software.  Is there anything more frustrating for a business person than getting to a new job and having to “learn the system” with manuals, training sessions and trial and error?  People spend many hours of their work life using ugly, slow, poorly designed systems.  

At 8base we believe that well-designed, graceful, intuitive software with a consistent user experience fosters productivity while at the same time adhering to required enterprise processes.  People want to do their jobs well in beautiful software.  8base gives them what they want and still maintain the enterprise rigor required in a corporate setting.

What is Extensibility?

Extensibility is both a design principle and a development philosophy applied to the 8base platform. We welcome qualified developers and designers to augment our core team’s software efforts inside a working software chassis, in addition to the code repositories that dominate the landscape today. Within 8base, developers can extend the platform and be recognized and compensated for their efforts.

How many users can 8base accommodate?

8base has built a highly-scalable software chassis and underlying infrastructure. Unlike many competitive products, there is no limit to the number of users for any single customer that the 8base Platform can support. Disk storage is essentially infinite and fully fault-tolerant. Memory, processing and network bandwidth is also equally scalable.

Unlike traditional systems where a significant amount of capital expense and/or fixed costs are incurred, 8base only costs based on the number of users who actually consume the system.

Who can Use 8base?

Anyone who is working on a software-enabled solution, whether they are an engineer or someone without coding skills but possesses a good understanding of the problem they are trying to solve.

Specifically, citizen-developers can use the 8base no-code app builder to create powerful solutions in record time.

Engineers looking to focus their efforts on high-value coding efforts rather than on mundane application and infrastructure level tasks.

Anyone seeking to code, develop, create or curate within our decentralized innovation economy will be incentivized for their efforts.

Are you ready?

8base will change the way that software is created.  Join us on this journey.

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