Data management inside of 8base

A new way to think about data inside an application.
Many may remember the days of building applications in tools like Microsoft Access, which provided an easy way to build a database structure and a user interface on top of it. Access was incredibly popular but its success led to dysfunction inside of corporations:
  • Access' decentralized nature led to sensitive corporate data being housed on desktop computers outside a company's governance and security infrastructure.
  • Access was not inherently multi-user and didn't include role-based access controls.
  • Access had limited ability to store and retrieve files outside of the database structure.
  • Access' database provided very limited performance, scalability and security.

8base takes this development paradigm to the next level

  • 8base provides a user interface that is even easier than Microsoft Access for construction of comprehensive data models.
  • Data is immediately wrapped in role-based access controls that can be easily integrated with corporate single-sign-on methods.
  • Files of almost any type can be stored and intelligently processed.
  • Data on 8base is stored in a fully redundant, fault-tolerant and highly scalable cloud-based environment.

Take your data with you

Although we hope you never leave us, if you do you can take your data with you at any time.

8base provides the ability to export your entire data model into a portable MySQL database.

Data Builder

8base Data Builder allows you to easily define complex data schemas using our visual tools.
  • Easily construct inter-table relationships in one-to-many, many-to-many and one-to-one configurations without having to working about link tables and foreign keys.
  • Smart fields help process complex data objects like international and multiple addresses.
  • Our file store capabilities allow for files to be attached to structured data objects.
  • Never worry about adding indexes to data.
  • Full-text search becomes immediately available for all data.

Data Viewer

8base Data Viewer allows immediate access to data using an excel-like user interface.
  • Create, read, update and delete data.
  • Sort data.
  • Apply advanced filters.
  • Search data.
  • Hide/show and reorder columns.

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