April 24, 2023

Simplify SaaS Management with Low-Code Technology


Building a SaaS application is only half of the battle. After that, you have additional things to worry about:

  • Users and permissions management
  • Architecture/DevOps management
  • Data management

If your SaaS was developed using traditional programming, you might encounter all of these issues along with the increased maintenance cost.

On the other hand, low-code technology makes all of these things easy or eliminates them completely. For example no need for DevOps.

An additional benefit of low code is a 3X increase in productivity during the SaaS development phase, which enables development companies and their users to significantly reduce their development time and costs.

SaaS Management Tools

Low code provides all of the necessary tools for effective SaaS management. This includes tools required during and after app development.

Users And Permissions Management

Usually, all roles, permissions, admin access, and interfaces need to be manually developed for every app. And this is by no means an easy task.

So you're looking at a significant investment of development time and effort into building these features that every SaaS app really needs. And both are very finite (and expensive) resources these days.

Low-code technology solves these issues by providing an easy-to-understand role system that is accessible straight from the browser.

Role Based Access Control allows you to define and assign users with whatever custom role you want in just a couple of clicks. This gives you complete control over who gets to see or modify specific parts of the data.

Architecture And DevOps Management

To put it simply, no architecture and DevOps management are required. And this is because infrastructure management is automated by low-code technology.

The end result is reduced infrastructure costs because you don't have to dedicate part of your software development team to handle the growth of your SaaS application.

Apps built on low code scale automatically from one to a million users (and beyond) without any additional development effort.

This is great because even though low code enables you to develop your SaaS solution 3X faster, they are scalable out of the box without any additional changes from your side.

And your users will be pleased to know they can expect a fast and responsive application regardless of how fast it's growing or how many new users are rushing to sign up for the app.

Data Management

Low-code technology provides data access directly from the browser to developers and admins. Combined with an intuitive role system, it makes sure every user type has the right amount of access at any point in time.

There is no need to develop custom interfaces for data entry/modification because the graphical interface and data tables are provided by default.

Not only do you have everything you need for data management in your browser, but also for code development as well.

Code Management And Customization

Entire SaaS development can be done in the browser. Low code makes frontend development much faster by using drag-and-drop components. So you can quickly have the first version of the app up and ready.

After you're done with your initial setup, you can customize your app through numerous settings available in the options panel. Or alternatively, insert your own custom CSS and JavaScript that gives you complete control over every component.

The backend has similar benefits. For example, you can automatically create a fully-functional, scalable, production-ready backend just by defining your data model. Essentially, just creating a couple of database tables makes the backend work out of the box.

All the necessary API endpoints are created for you, along with filtering, pagination, and so on. Since the backend uses (but is not limited to) GraphQL, the frontend can move forward much faster.

There is no need for additional work on the backend just to expose resources for the frontend because, with GraphQL, you can get any combination of resources in a single API call.

All of this makes SaaS development extremely fast and efficient, to the tune of 300%, compared to traditional programming.

Low-Code Management Tools Adoption

When it comes to low code (or any other tool, for that matter), the biggest barrier to wide adoption is the learning curve. If something takes months to learn, regardless of the benefits, no organization has that kind of time or resources to invest.

Low-code technology only requires 1-2 days of learning for developers and even less for admins only involved in data management.

Developers can pick it up so quickly because low code doesn't involve some completely new technology that is difficult to learn. Instead, it uses widely-known technologies like JavaScript, MySQL, GraphQL, and AWS.

And the 3X productivity increase comes from a better way of using those existing technologies and automating boilerplate code.

Instead of reinventing the wheel by creating new programming languages or frameworks, low code stays very familiar to 17+ million JS developers. They can jump right in and be massively productive within 1-2 days.

Market Implications

Any company that is not using low-code technology for their SaaS development and management will be severely disadvantaged against those that do.

This is because you simply cannot put 3X productivity advantage under the rug. No matter how optimized a traditional development team is, at best, you can look at a 30% difference - not 300%.

This is why using the best tools for the job is important rather than trying to brute-force your way through by overworking yourself and your team. 

To Sum It Up

Low-code technology provides SaaS management tools out of the box for developers and admins alike.

Developers can enjoy a 3X productivity increase during the development, especially when they don't have to work on scalability or DevOps because it's automatically handled by the platform.

Admins have an easy-to-understand role system with an intuitive graphical interface that allows them to manage users and data.

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