October 31, 2022

How To Create Saas Application With Low Code?


The first thing you need to do when creating a SaaS application is to choose the right tools and technologies. Nothing will have a bigger or longer-lasting impact on your project than your choice of technology.

For example, choosing widespread and well-tested technologies like JavaScript, MySQL, GraphQL, and AWS is always a good choice. Certainly better than going with technologies very few developers know about (regardless of how good those technologies are).

But why then use low-code technology?

Isn't this also something new that few developers know how to use? - No!

Low code is immediately usable by 17+ million JS developers without learning almost anything new. Because low code is not a convoluted new technology - it's an extension of existing well-known technologies (JS, MySQL, GraphQL).

That is why low code has a very fast learning curve. You can be super productive within 1-2 days of using it.

After that, you enjoy all the benefits, like a 3-5X increase in development effectiveness. And you don't have to worry about scaling your app or DevOps. Everything is automatically handled by low code.

Low-Code SaaS Development

Every project usually consists of the backend/database and the frontend/app parts. Low code allows you to develop both through a simple interface using only your browser. After logging into the low-code platform, you can access App Builder and 8base Backend.

App Builder uses an intuitive drag-and-drop interface where you can easily design and build your app using existing components. It can easily connect to any existing database.

This means you can connect your frontend app to any backend, whether it's built with low code or otherwise.

8base Backend can build your database quickly and easily just by defining your data model, specifically by creating database tables through a visual editor in your browser.

After the tables are created, all the necessary API endpoints are automatically generated. And your data resources are immediately usable through an intuitive GraphQL interface.

This is just a short description of how everything works. To learn more details, check out these SaaS development tutorials for more information.

How To Create SaaS Architecture?

Designing SaaS architecture and building scalable web applications, in general, is not an easy task. But what if you could have scaling enabled out of the box in your app?

This is exactly how the low-code technology works:

  •      - You build your app
  •      - Without doing anything special
  •      - Without thinking about scaling at all
  •      - But you can still automatically scale from one to a million users (and beyond)

This is great because there is no need for a DevOps team. You don't need to pay for scale before you actually need it. On the other hand, you don't have to panic if you get a sudden influx of new users. Whatever your growth requirements, the low-code technology will match them.

SaaS Development Stack

To understand why this auto-scaling is even possible, you need to know how the low-code technology works. In short, low-code technology is not some closed, custom system. Instead, it is built upon AWS and other popular technologies like JavaScript, MySQL, and GraphQL.

This means finding additional developers will never be a problem (17+ million JS developers). And scaling should never worry you because AWS can surely handle any need you have.

Create SaaS In JavaScript

Any functionality not available by default using the low-code platform can be easily created and customized with JavaScript.

Low code gives you the most commonly used functionality out of the box and automates frequent and repetitive tasks. However, it does not inhibit you in any way. You can completely customize your project using the technologies you already know.

How To Create A SaaS Product?

Creating a SaaS application is one thing, but turning an app into a product is yet another. Simply put, building SaaS software is not enough. To grow your user base, this SaaS needs to be useful to real-life users.

But before you start the building process, you need to make sure people will want to use your product. In case you don't have anything specific in mind, you can check out articles on API business ideas or learn how to monetize open data sets.


Any work experience you have (in any industry) can help you identify the biggest problems and inefficiencies. And those are the things you can solve with your SaaS product.

If you recall any process that didn't make much sense or a task that unnecessarily took too long - those are your biggest opportunities. Because they are probably bothering other people in your industry as well.

And those people who are bothered, annoyed, and frustrated are your ideal customers. Because they are willing to pay not to feel like that anymore.

Every inefficiency you discover is something business owners in that industry are probably interested in solving. Because every process they optimize increases their profits.

In fact, this is how low-code technology was created. Developers noticed they often need to implement simple, repetitive code. Tasks that are not too difficult but always take much more time than they should.

With the advent of low code, all the necessary API endpoints are automatically created, and scaling is enabled out of the box. This saves a lot of time and energy. Specifically, it increases development effectiveness 3-5X.


Maybe you were exposed to the customers of a business you worked for in the past, either as a salesperson or customer support. And you may have heard a lot of them experiencing the same problems.

If these problems are big enough, you can create SaaS software that solves them. Then you can offer it to those people directly or the businesses themselves. Because any objection or problem their customers have translates into lower profits for the company.


Develop a habit of listening to people complaining. This is something people tend to avoid and even get annoyed by it. But the truth is - every complaint is a potential business opportunity.

In business, you only get paid for solving problems. And the bigger the problem, the higher the amount you can charge for your product.


Many different tools can solve various kinds of problems. However, the software proved to be one of the most versatile problem-solving tools ever invented.

So building a SaaS application could be one of the quickest ways to create a product that solves a real-world problem for many people.

To Sum It Up

Low-code technology is the fastest and the most cost-effective way of creating SaaS apps.

Its biggest strength is the fast learning curve that allows a 3-5X increase in development effectiveness. This enables fast innovation and gives any project a significant market advantage over its competitors.

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