October 6, 2022

New Age Of Fast Custom Web Application Development


We are entering a new paradigm shift in custom web application development powered by low-code platforms. This means web applications will be developed faster than ever while reducing production costs.

A new wave of innovation is just beginning. And those ideas that previously could not surface because of high development costs will now see the light of day.

Software developers are also going to see an incredible 3-5X increase in productivity. Because a lot of low-level work will be handled by these platforms. This will include:

      -   tasks around setting up and launching the project

      -   repetitive work like setting up default API endpoints

      -   creating the most common components that every app uses

      -   most of the work around scaling the project

Low-Code Web Application Development

To get a detailed view of how it all works, you can check an article on the topic of no-code vs. low-code vs. programming. But in short, low-code platforms allow you to build fully functional applications without much programming. You still keep the option to do any code customizations, which is why they're named low-code platforms.

The important part to remember is that they are lowering barriers to entry for anyone with an app idea. And at the same time, they are raising the productivity of the existing developers.

The result is inevitable:

      -   more applications launched than ever before

      -   more companies started

      -   and more developers needed than ever before

An additional type of developer will soon be very sought after, and that's a low-code developer. So if you want to be ahead of the curve, check out 8base Academy, which will teach you how to develop apps using the low-code platform.

Enterprise Web Application Development

Many developers tend to get passionate about their tools. And this is reasonable because this happens to every professional. But we should never forget that companies, and especially clients, don't really care what technology you use.

All the clients need is for your solution to be useful and fast. The companies want it to be developed quickly, working reliably, cost-effective, and future-proof. That's all.

And low-code platforms offer precisely that. This means these platforms are here to stay. And not just to stay, but to thrive as well.

Because we cannot magically double or triple the number of developers overnight. But with tools like these, we can certainly increase their productivity by a factor of three to five. And in business terms, that is game-changing.

Overlooked Business Sectors

There are probably millions of problems in thousands of different business sectors that remain unsolved today. There might be a variety of reasons, but most likely because the people who have the coding skills (developers) aren't familiar with these sectors.

On the other hand, people who experience these problems might not have sufficient funds. And because of that, these problems remained unsolved for a long time.

Until now.

With the introduction of low-code platforms, these gaps will mostly close. And the innovation will come from the most unexpected parts of the economy and industry.

We're excited to see what great solutions will be built on top of low-code platforms. Because now, more businesses will get an opportunity to participate in a high-tech economy and create something new and groundbreaking.

Application Development In Cloud

The best thing about low-code platforms is that you can develop them on any computer. You don't need any specialized software or program except for your browser. And if you're reading this, then you're already covered.

Let's say you need to develop a web application. You can simply use App Builder and launch your first version of the app today. It will be:

      -   created on the cloud

      -   stored on the cloud

      -   launched from the cloud

      -   and will automatically scale in the cloud

It contains the most commonly used components with drag-and-drop functionality. And this makes it extremely easy to create something from scratch.

The same goes if you need a backend app with the database. You can go to the 8base Backend platform and create your backend today.

Just define the data tables from your browser, and you're done. And this is only possible because this low-code platform creates default API endpoints automatically for you.

Fast Application Development

If you are a developer, you probably know how much time you used to spend on these tasks. Now all that is done for you, and you can focus on parts of the project that matter. Because all the tedious, repetitive, and time-consuming tasks are handled by the low-code platforms.

If more can be accomplished in the same amount of time, projects will be more cost-effective to launch. Overall, this will bring many more applications and startup companies to life. And more apps mean more innovation and new technology.

And this is all brought to you (almost single-handedly) by the low-code platforms.

Low-Code Web Application Development Tutorial

If all of this sounds even remotely exciting, you might want to learn a thing or two about low-code development. Because you recognize this technology's potential and (a very near) future. So you want to be a part of it.

You are in luck because 8base Academy is an excellent source of knowledge. You can learn about developing web applications quickly and easily with many supporting materials and videos.

However, the low-code platform is developed to be intuitive even for beginners. This means you can go very far in your development process without even looking at the tutorials. It is that easy, so definitely try it out.

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