August 15, 2019

Meet Sebastian Scholl, 8base’s New Product Manager


Speaking on behalf of the entire team, I'm incredibly excited to announce that Sebastian Scholl has joined 8base as Product Manager.

Sebastian is filling an incredibly important role at 8base during this critical time. In addition to his product management responsibilities as they relate to the 8base software, Sebastian will be super-charging our support and learning content. Since joining us last month, he has already re-launched the 8base Docs and is rapidly orchestrating improvements. Also, he's launching a top-notch video learning program which we will announce shortly!

8base values art and experience in its product design. Sebastian is truly the personification of this being a renaissance man to his core. He was homeschooled, spending his formative years traveling to over 45 countries as his parents believed that travel was more important than traditional schooling. That experience instilled in him a deep appreciation for diverse cultures, as well as inspired an attitude of always approaching life's challenges with a creative edge and broad perspective. Sebastian is also a musician, sculptor, telemark skier and former semi-pro whitewater kayaker by hobby. He attended Boston University and later the Flatiron School in New York City where he became formally trained as a software engineer.

Professionally, Sebastian has created startups and worked in venture-backed growth-stage and publicly listed companies such as Percolate and XO Group in several different capacities. He is an expert in full-stack web development using modern web and natural language processing (NLP) technologies. He is passionate about bringing developer-centric productivity tools to the market.

In addition to the responsibilities mentioned above, Sebastian will be taking the lead on engaging the 8base developer community and bringing their insights, wishes, and requests back to the 8base Engineering Team.

Please join me in welcoming him to the team!

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