May 6, 2024

Archie AI | Product Update + New Features + Price Promo


In the last two months, we've worked to understand your needs, challenges, and aspirations for Archie. Thanks to your feedback, our product team has made significant advancements in our technology. We're excited to unveil these enhancements and new superpowers that Archie now brings to your product development journey!

We want everyone to jump right into Archie, make the most of these new features, and provide feedback… so for the month of May, any project can have its Requirements Module unlocked for $75 per month, with the flexibility to cancel at any time.

Watch the newest features in action, read on for details and jump into Archie:


Advanced AI Editing

We’ve taken a giant step forward by adding Advanced Editing capabilities to Archie. While most AI products are what’s called “One Shot” capable, Archie has reached a level of sophistication by supporting an infinite number of prompts to drive desired results.

You can now give Archie additional instructions (prompts) to generate any section in your project—from an entire module to specific attributes within a requirement. For instance, you can add a new User Type with specific instructions; and Archie will generate the User Research and Use Cases associated with it automatically.


Digital Blueprint Diagram

Every Digital Blueprint now includes a diagram that illustrates the major concepts of your application. This diagram can be easily downloaded and copied into a pitch deck, presentation materials or software development proposal.


Improvements to the Requirements Module

We are blown away by the feedback we’ve been receiving from users of the Requirements Module—it’s been a game-changer for those designing their own apps and for software development professionals building on behalf of clients. But we are not stopping there... we're doubling-down and committed to providing even greater value. Here are some key highlights:

Use Cases

Archie now includes a comprehensive set of Use Cases for every User Type. The need for Use Cases emerged from a desire to enhance the output of the Modules’ Requirements section with practical examples of how different users will interact with your application, which helps make decisions grounded in real-world use. This approach ensures that the features you develop are technically sound, beneficial, and relevant to the people who will use your application.


World-Class Compliance Requirements

Compliance is critical, especially in financial services, healthcare, and other highly regulated industries. For this reason, Archie addresses it from the start. Now you can find specific quotes from regulations and laws linked to your requirements. With this direct access to regulatory content, Archie significantly reduces research time and boosts the precision of your compliance measures. While Archie defaults to the United States, if your prompts include a different venue of operation, Archie will utilize your local compliance requirements.


Requirement Details

Expandable Requirement Details allow for a deeper exploration of critical and complicated requirements. For instance, in a banking application, you might have a requirement for calculating interest on deposit accounts. Using the Requirements Details, you can express the different types of interest calculations you want to support. This level of detail ensures that vital aspects of your project are documented and thoroughly planned out, providing a more straightforward path for implementation.

Improved UX/UI Section

We’ve leveled up Archie’s creative abilities. Our enhanced algorithm now produces a more concise, organized collection of user interfaces, following modern design patterns. This update ensures that the interfaces you plan, align with the latest trends and best practices.

Archie’s capabilities in generating wireframes have also received a significant boost. You can now expect examples of screens with improved styling and richer details. This means that the wireframes Archie generates offer a clearer vision of the final product, assisting you in making informed decisions about layout, user flow, and aesthetic appeal early in the design process. This enhancement bridges the gap between conceptual design and tangible product.

Implementation and Build Capabilities

And when you're ready to take your project to the next level, Archie Labs awaits to fire up your project implementation—by taking your requirements and rapidly delivering detailed data models, technical design, strategic approaches, and implementation plans. Reach out to learn more.

Your input drives our innovation. With each update, we aim to provide the tools and features necessary to transform your ideas into fully realized projects.

As always, we're here to support your journey and look forward to seeing the incredible projects you'll create with Archie.

The Team at Archie AI

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