January 31, 2023

8 SaaS Development Tutorials To Launch Your App Today


The fastest way to build and launch your SaaS app today is to use low-code technology. It enables you to develop apps 3-5X more effectively.

On top of that, the best part about low-code is that it's built on top of existing technologies most developers already know and use:

  • JavaScript
  • MySQL
  • GraphQL
  • AWS

This means when it comes to low-code, you have a fast learning curve, and you don't have to spend a lot of time learning new things. Frontend development boils down to using an intuitive drag and drop interface. And the backend consists of defining a data model, and you're done.

Seriously, for the backend, all you need to do is define the database tables, and it's automatically working. All of the basic endpoints are automatically created for you. This allows you to set up your backend in minutes (literally).

And this article will go through some useful low-code tutorials that can help you build and launch your SaaS app today.

Web App Development Tutorial Using Low-Code

To see how easy it is to create and modify an app using low-code, start with this simple 5-minute walkthrough tutorial.

Here you will learn what you can expect from low-code technology and how straightforward it is to make changes. The interface is intuitive, and you can write any custom code you need in the widely-known JavaScript (or TypeScript) programming language.

Backend Web Development Tutorial

If you've ever tried to build any kind of app, you know what a hassle it is to set up and launch a database. However, this is not the case with low-code.

This 8-minute backend development tutorial shows you how to define your data model by creating a couple of database tables. And after that… there is no after that. You are done.

All the most common endpoints are automatically created for you. This means your backend development can be done in minutes (literally).

Front-End Development Tutorial

Since low-code technology already has prebuilt components, you can just drag and drop them into your screen. This way, you can build your entire frontend very quickly.

Here is a 2-minute example of how to add an image component to your app. Every component is customizable either through numerous options within the UI or by adding a custom JavaScript code.

Full-Stack Development Tutorial

Considering how intuitive the interface really is, frontend developers can easily set up the backend (and vice-versa).

If you watched the last two tutorials, you now have everything you need for full-stack development. Also, you might realize why the 3-5X increase in development effectiveness was not an exaggeration.

However, low-code technology has so much more to offer, especially in the area of extensibility and project customization. And we will dive into those advanced capabilities in the section below.

Advanced Web Development Tutorials

So far, you've seen the basics of low-code development, but even with the basics, the possibilities are endless.

All previous (and upcoming) examples are part of a bigger SaaS development course called 8base Academy.

In these video courses, you will find plenty of examples showcasing the endless possibilities of low-code technology. And we will highlight some of the interesting opportunities of low-code development.

API Development Tutorial (GraphQL)

This short, 9-minute API development tutorial shows how you can immediately use automatically-generated API endpoints.

So the moment you define a new data table in your database, the API resources are readily available.

The important thing to remember is that this low-code technology uses GraphQL, which is another reason why you experience a 3-5X increase in development effectiveness. Because the backend developers no longer need to implement separate API endpoints whenever the frontend needs them. All the data can be retrieved from the backend in a single query using GraphQL.

To learn more about the differences between GraphQL vs. RESTful API and the advantages of GraphQL, read the linked article.

Real-Time Messaging App Tutorial

Now that you know how this low-code technology works, it's time to build something. Here is a full 25-minute real-time messaging app tutorial.

In this tutorial, you will see another great benefit of low-code - it can be used as a backend alone or frontend alone. But you will get the greatest productivity boost if you leverage both at the same time.

After you build your entire backend for this messaging app, you can also quickly build the frontend using low-code. And below are some brief tutorials that will show you how:

Connect The Database To Your Low-Code Frontend Tutorial (5 minutes)

This tutorial will show you how to connect your frontend app with any API endpoint, regardless if it's built with low-code technology or not. It also supports connection to GraphQL and RESTful APIs alike.

Retrieve And Display Data On The Screen (11 minutes)

Here you can see how incredibly fast you can create the screen using prebuilt components like the Looper component. After that, you just fill it out with data and customize its look and feel, which is very easy and intuitive.

Create And Use Custom Functions (6 minutes)

In the end, to be able to completely customize your app's behavior, you will want to use JavaScript. And this tutorial shows how you can define custom JS functions that you can use throughout your project. The possibilities here, too, are truly endless.

To Sum It Up

Low-code technology is the fastest way you can develop SaaS apps while keeping the flexibility of traditional programming.

Video tutorials mentioned in this article are the best way to demonstrate how little time and effort are required to launch something today. 

To see additional tutorials and examples not mentioned in this article, check out 8base Academy, where you can learn more.

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