May 20, 2022

8base Product Update | YTD 2022


A lot has been happening over here at 8base. Earlier this year we launched 8base App Builder to a beta group. Foundry Group led our $10.6MM Series A. We’ve ramped up hiring awesome talent in every department -- and speaking of team building… our CEO and several 8basers completed a 120-day fitness challenge.

These evolutions have taken up, well, all of our time!

Tons of development progress has been made across all of 8base’s products! App Builder, Backend-as-a-Service and our capabilities in support of development teams have continued to snowball, becoming more mature, complete, and feature-packed development tools. Despite the long list detailing what 8base tools already do, we have a Road Map to Mars that details what’s coming.

All pistons are firing to move the 8base train at a clip that could make Ozzy Osbourne queasy. However, that doesn’t negate how important it is to reflect! So pop open a soda, briefly meditate on that fleeting sound of sizzle, and let's recap some of the product highlights in 2022.

App Builder

App Builder lets you visually build beautiful front-end applications without compromising on performance or flexibility.

  • See the “Frontend” tab in Developer Home! App Builder is available to select beta users.
  • Connect App Builder Beta projects to ANY REST or GraphQL API!
  • Configuring Resources lets you build an App Builder frontend while using any backend or third-party API.
  • Use new Drag & Drop UI/UX Components to quickly build beautiful app pages.
  • Write custom JavaScript code where you need to with Functions.
  • Visually build fully-functional Single Page Applications with dynamic Routing.
  • Upload Static Assets directly to your App Builder project!
  • Static Assets, like logos, get deployed as part of the application bundle.
  • Utilize State Management as a way of making Components inter-operable and incredibly flexible.
  • Design your App Builder project using Themes and Styling.
  • Ready to share your app with the world? Deploy it!
  • 8base publishes the built/compiled app to an Amazon S3 bucket with a pre-configured public domain.
  • Custom domain names can be set up with your DNS provider!


8base Organizations lets development teams best organize and manage their 8base workspaces, as well as access special billing features, our partnership program, and more.

  • Easy management of Organization members without 8base intervention.
  • Personalized profiles for 8base Organization members.
  • High-level access management for Organization members and workspaces.
  • New and improved billing page in Organizations for self-management.
  • Quick transfer of workspaces between users and Organizations.

Backend-as-a-Service (BaaS)

8base’s BaaS provides Database, API, Roles & Permissions, and FaaS through a single GraphQL API. This creates a scalable, maintainable, and convenient-to-manage foundation for your applications.

  • ALL Workspaces got updated from Node 10.x → 14 while you *hopefully* got a great night's sleep.
  • The GraphQL API now supports on-the-fly image transformations!
  • Bugs that resulted in incorrect metrics in the Workspace dashboard were exterminated.
  • Two developers working in the console no longer experience concurrency issues!

Hopefully, your applications built on 8base have been thriving! And to those of you who don’t have projects on 8base, we hope that you’re starting one soon.

We’d love to hear from you about your 8base experience! Learning about what you’re up to and how we can improve 8base to be the most powerful tool in your arsenal is super important.

Start a conversation topic in the 8base Community or shoot Mr. Sebastian an email at Looking forward to continuing to build amazing things together!

Happy Developing 🚀

The 8base Team

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