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At 8base, we’ve always empowered developers to build in the most popular dev language in the world, JavaScript.

App Builder lets you quickly build web apps using drag-and-drop UI components or custom code through a browser based IDE for development, testing, and deployment. It's an epic way to build web-app front-ends!

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Albert Santalo
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Frequently Asked Questions

Who uses App Builder? Are technical skills required?

App Builder allows technical and non-technical people to collaborate and split up the work accordingly.

While App Builder features drag-and-drop screen development, styling and connecting to backends; it allows developers to drop into code virtually anywhere.

What types of applications can be built with App Builder?

App Builder is designed to support a wide-range of simple or complex applications. Build internal tools for customer service, operations, IT, finance, human resources and legal. Build multi-tenant SaaS applications, marketplaces, portals and more.

Why do you say 8base is a full-stack low-code development platform? What does that mean?

8base's App Builder introduces the ability to develop frontend applications. This, in concert with 8base’s backend-as-a-service (BaaS) and GraphQL API, provides a full-stack architecture for building powerful digital products and internal tools.

How long does it take for a developer to learn App Builder?

App Builder was designed so that a JavaScript developer feels right at home. We also have all of the resources you need (docs, 8base Academy videos, support and community) to begin building immediately. JavaScript developers should feel comfortablem building applications in less than 2 hours and completely proficient within 2 days.

Does App Builder support the development of native mobile apps?

Today, App Builder supports browser-based app development. In the future, App Builder will support native apps on iOS and Android. You can also use any front end framework of choice (Angular, iOS, Android, etc.) to connect to the 8base backend.

What if I want a component that App Builder doesn’t have yet?

Contact us about new components you would like to prioritize. Soon, 8base will also incorporate custom component capabilities.

What systems does App Builder integrate with?

App Builder integrates seamlessly with 8base backends and can connect to any REST or GraphQL API.

Does App Builder generate a frontend application or is it a runtime environment?

App Builder generates and deploys a fully built front end application.

What type of application does App Builder generate?

App Builder generates and deploys a fully built front end application.

What programming languages does App Builder support?

App Builder supports programming frontend scripts and functions in JavaScript.

How does App Builder communicate with the 8base backend?

App Builder communicates directly with the 8base backend’s GraphQL API.

Does App Builder support multi-persona applications?

Yes, 8base includes a flexible and secure role-based access control engine to support the creation of multi-persona applications.

Does App Builder support connections to multiple backends concurrently?

Yes. You can connect multiple 8base backends easily as well as any data source that supports GraphQL or REST APIs. This includes traditional RDMBs, NoSQL data stores, other types of databases, and third-party applications.