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8base helps companies design, build & run go-to-market applications, faster.

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Build go-to-market applications faster

Unlike back-office applications, go-to-market applications demand web scaling and full control of branded user interfaces.

Freelance front-end developer building an app using JavaScript, GraphQL and 8base.

Build sensibly!

Write back-end code in JavaScript and TypeScript, the most ubiquitous programming language in existence today.

With 8base, developers can write queries in GraphQL and backend logic in JavaScript and TypeScript.

8base’s computing infrastructure is auto-provisioned rather than requiring DevOps professionals and ongoing support.

Front-end developer languages, JavaScript and TypeScript

Build in languages most developers know now

In 8base, developers use JavaScript and Typescript to code entire applications rather than the proprietary programming languages required by other platforms.

Finding specialized coding language skills is incredibly hard and expensive - it's unnecessary with 8base.

Conceptual Front-end UI

Beautiful, usable and consumerized look-and-feel

We don’t constrain you with dumbed-down user interface development tools.

8base developers use modern frameworks such as React, Angular and others to build beautiful applications that match your branding, style and personality.

Illustration showing multiple devices

Web, mobile and more

Unlike many of the mobile-first backends, 8base is built to support application needs across myriad device form factors include desktop web browsers, mobile devices, IoT and others.

8base accelerates digital transformation

For any business, government, academic institution or not-for-profit.

Enable digital access for your customers

Build web and mobile applications to enhance customer experience and differentiate your business.

Streamline internal business processes

Eliminate manual processes, spreadsheet juggling and the need for excess staff.

Build multi-tenant SaaS products

For startups or established businesses to create powerful online products that rival those of large SaaS companies

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Operate at scale but only pay for what you use

8base provides a modern, enterprise-class cloud computing infrastructure to turbo-charge applications

Relational data model showing how you can link a department table to an employee table

Leverage 8base’s relational database and file storage

Easily define your data model.

Store and intelligently process files of all types and connect them to your structured data.

Wrap all data with robust, configurable role-based security.

Data is housed in a secure, fully fault-tolerant and frequently backed-up infrastructure powered by Amazon Web Services.

Single API End-point Illustration

A single-source of truth for your data

Your data is spread across a multitude of cloud systems.

Utilize our integration engine to combine your data sources behind the scenes.

Create a single-source of truth for your enterprise data.

Your GraphQL API endpoint enables rapid custom development thereafter.

AWS Lambda Serverless Illustration

Our computing infrastructure scales automatically to meet your needs

Powered by AWS Lambda, our serverless infrastructure scales to meet your applications performance requirements.

Auto-scale without having to employ DevOps staff.

Salesforce Logo

Turbo-charge development of applications
that utilize Salesforce.com

8base provides a more elegant and inexpensive way to enable modern customer-centric applications for companies that utilize Salesforce.com.

GraphQL API Illustration

8base incorporates your Salesforce instance and exposes it through our secure GraphQL API.

Database Illustration

Build data models to power custom apps with Salesforce data without customizing your Salesforce instance.

Front-end UI Illustration

Empower front-end developers to build apps without Salesforce.com expertise.

how does this work?

The old ways don’t work

Horror stories of businesses hiring consultants to build software from scratch are all too common. We think of this as the equivalent of building your own furniture.

Consultants try to reinvent the purpose-built software infrastructure that 8base already has.

Cost and time overruns are normal; not to mention, delivery of simplistic and inflexible applications.

Sinking ship showing that the old ways of making complex applications doesn't work

Need an application built quickly?

8base's Professional Services team can help you design and develop the applications you need.

We can also help connect you with our development partners.

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