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How to create a web application in 2020

Modern web application development has largely transformed from business teams managing monolithic apps and decoupled application services, most of which leverage cloud software. This compartmentalization of services provides a much more flexible architecture, and allows business teams to embark on the development of new products and services more quickly, while leveraging existing cloud enabled services.

The separation of the front-end and back-end is one of the most important concepts in modern web application development. This allows a business’s applications the flexibility of building multiple client applications, or supporting different platforms, while maintaining centralized back-end and API for data storage and access requirements.

 Web Application Development Platforms vs. Website Builders

It’s important to not mistake “website builders” with “web application development platforms.” While website builders are great for building business landing pages and marketing assets, they are not suitable for a team that needs to develop business or consumer applications. This is why a web service like Squarespace allows you to build a beautiful landing page, but with that tool you could never dream to start the development of an app, like Spotify.

How 8base Accelerates the Web Application Development Process

The 8base web development platform is able to accelerate web application development for developers, businesses, and team leaders with its ready-to-use Backend-as-a-Service. This means that our cloud platform offers all the backend resources your web applications need through a single API endpoint.

This includes a dedicated MySQL database instance that’s hosted in the Amazon cloud, App Authentication, Authorization, Team Management, Roles and Permissions, and much, much more.

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Our Team Knows Modern Web Application Architecture

For anyone in development of a web application, or exploring how to build a web or mobile application, 8base is a mission critical partner. Our cloud based development platform and services provides you and your team with all the back-end software resources that your web application will need to run and scale. This allows you to focus on the customer centric parts of your web services and solutions - which are data and interface - while 8base handles the management of the back-end.

Any developer can sign up for 8base and get going immediately! However, sometimes entrepreneurs and business leaders need some help getting started or augmenting their team.

Our web software development services team, offered through 8base Labs, helps business leaders and entrepreneurs build their innovative software ideas and apps on the 8base software platform. Whether it’s the full development life-cycle from design to development, or simply set up the application back-end, our solutions team is ready to help you bring your project to market. 

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