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Choosing a Cloud Development Platform for SaaS

While every successful SaaS offering may be unique, the many systems and application services that support the product aren’t. In fact, for most teams that are in development of a SaaS product, building out non-differentiating application-services can negatively impact the project. Being that valuable time and resources gets spent on the development of software that is not unique to the project.

When choosing a cloud development platform for SaaS, it is important to look for which platform has already done a lot of the work for you. For example, is the database ready to use? Are security measures already implemented? How easy is it to integrate 3rd party data-sources?

How 8base Accelerates SaaS Application Development

8base’s cloud based development platform was purpose-built for the development of SaaS solutions and services, both web and mobile. The 8base platform’s management team accumulated over 50-years of collective experience in the architecture, development and management of SaaS applications before building our product. The main insight of that experience was that there are common patterns that every successful SaaS project must use in order to bring a web or mobile application to market. Instead of having to hire large teams of engineers, set up management infrastructure for those teams, and undertake huge development efforts for every new SaaS project, we saw the opportunity to abstract away the “SaaS components” into a platform; that’s 8base.

Our SaaS Based Solutions

For anyone in development of a SaaS application, or exploring how to build a web or mobile SaaS project, 8base is a mission critical partner. Our cloud based development platform provides you and your team with all the back-end software resources that your SaaS application will need to run and scale. This allows you to focus on the customer centric parts of your SaaS services and solutions - which are data and interface - while 8base handles the management of the back-end.

Some of those SaaS back-end resources that 8base provides on its ready-to-use cloud platform are:

  1. Aurora MySQL Database Hosted on the AWS cloud platform
  2. Application security services for the API and project user authentication
  3. Solutions for app user roles and permissionsIntegrations to 3rd party software and SaaS solutions
  4. Custom development services when you need it
  5. Much, much more.
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The #1 SaaS Development Platform of 2020

8base is growing rapidly and has been recognized globally on both HackerNews and Product Hunt as one of the top up-and-coming back-end as a service providers. Whether it’s a small startup building their first SaaS project, or global businesses launching new SaaS solutions and services to their existing clients, 8base has a wide ranging portfolio of customers that use our platform as the foundation of their many SaaS applications.

Need Help with SaaS Product Development?

Any developer can sign up for 8base and get going immediately! However, sometimes entrepreneurs and business leaders need some help getting started or augmenting their teams.

Our SaaS software development services, offered through 8base Labs, helps business leaders and entrepreneurs build their innovative software ideas and apps on the 8base platform. Whether it’s the full development life-cycle from design to development, or simply set up the application back-end, our solutions team is ready to help you bring your project to market.

Check-out Our SaaS Software Examples

The following case studies are great examples that highlight how our solutions team has helped various entrepreneurs bring their enterprise software businesses to market quickly. Whether it’s a mobile or web application, 8base’s cloud based development platform is a stable backend to hundreds of real-world SaaS applications. All of which we’re developed with the management team being able to dedicate more time to the aspects of their SaaS project that customer centric.

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