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Outsourcing Software Development

There are many pitfalls when outsourcing software development to services teams. Very often, the application you have in mind is never the application you get. Instead, the services company sends you bills upon bills for every little change. Most of the time, the development of applications never gets to market when outsourced.

It’s a different story with 8base. Our services team works with you to bring your web or mobile application idea to life on the 8base platform, meaning that your long term success is our success. Business leaders and entrepreneurs that work with 8base to bring their apps to market usually do so 3-times as fast and at a fraction of the cost.

Our Custom Software Development Service

The 8base software platform is a cloud-based back-end application that’s built on top of the Amazon Cloud (AWS). When building web and mobile apps, it’s the perfect solution for storing your critical business and application data in the cloud. Additionally, the 8base software platform is a managed service. This means that you don’t have to worry about the ongoing development of the back-end or hire expensive DevOps engineers. The software applications you build on 8base will have an instantly available back-end that scales infinitely into the future in a secure cloud environment.

Our custom software development service, offered through 8base Labs, helps business leaders and entrepreneurs build their innovative software ideas and apps on the 8base platform. Whether it’s the full development life-cycle from design to development, or simply set up the application back-end, our solutions team is ready to help you bring your project to market.

The following case studies are great examples that highlight how our solutions team has helped various entrepreneurs bring their enterprise software businesses to market quickly.

Other Custom Software Development Companies

The majority of software development companies built their expertise by building websites. That is very different from building business apps. As a result, such services usually fail at the development of stable web and mobile applications. This costs their customers significant time and money.

Most often, the issues are a result of these companies not having expertise in the development of application back-ends. This is why the 8base development platform is so valuable for our customers. The pre-configured application back-end ensures that the scalability, security, and other architectural concerns are handled from day one. As a result, your web and mobile applications utilize best-in-class back-end cloud resources and give your business the best chance of success.

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If you’re thinking about or currently working on a software application, reach out at! We’d love to learn more about the web or mobile applications you are developing and share with you how our solutions team may be able to assist in the development effort.

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