How can 8base help you?

Bring ideas to market faster

  • Create new services, capture new markets, and captivate customers.

Reinvent customer experiences

  • Launch new customer experiences that delight your customers.

Transform your business

  1. Streamline operations to better serve your customers, increase efficiency and enable growth.

Build on a cost-effective and scalable foundation

8base was founded as a purpose-built foundation to help companies build awesome digital products fast and for the long term.

Designed to support most use-cases

8base provides a very powerful relational database and tools to define complex multi-tenant data models. Native role-based access controls also help you build for multiple personas.


All data and computing capacity is provided by Amazon Web Services and is designed for very high availability.

Auto-scaling and Isolated

8base auto-scales to meet your user demands without requiring support from DevOps personnel. Your environment is isolated from that of our other clients so we can continue to upgrade it as your needs expand to multi-region and/or global clusters.


8base curates a best-practice technology architecture that will continue to evolve as new technologies become available. This liberates you to focus on your business without fear of technological obsolescence.

The flexibility of your own team or ours

8base partners with clients to lead design and development when needed.

Hire your own team of mostly
front-end developers

8base's unique and powerful GraphQL API puts the power into the hands of the frontend team so they don't depend on backend developers to do most things. This means a smaller and less expensive team.

8base app development consulting team member working on enterprise application

Partner with the 8base team to
build your vision

The 8base team has been responsible for designing and building digital products in partnership with businesses and their executives. We bring this expertise to you from both a platform and services perspective and can take the lead on designing and developing your product. We can transfer that responsibility back to you or remain engaged for the long term.

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Never need to hire AWS DevOps staff

8base's elastic computing capabilities scales up and down autonomously based upon your user demands. This means you don't to employ or contract DevOps personnel to administer your cloud.

build apps using javascript and typescript

How does 8base work?

Your teams only need to focus on core business logic and on the front-end.

8base's platform has pre-wired all the AWS services, and 3rd party integrations, that are required by all software – yet unique to none! Authentication, Roles and Permissions, File and Image storage, Relational Database, a GraphQL API Endpoint, and others are all production-ready.

An unbeatable ROI

A combination of fast delivery, lower investment requirements, no re-writes, and an elastic team means more return on investment.

Get to market faster

The combination of the 8base Labs Team and the 8base Platform lets executives focus on their go-to-markets while we help them build powerful digital products with less time and money.

Fixed Time, Fixed Price

Executives and IT leaders don't always know everything they need/want when they start. Our unique approach allows you to change your mind along the way, within reason, and still operate under a predefined budget.

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