June 2, 2021

Why agencies that build on 8base see their profits (and business) grow


When digital agencies like yours have built client projects using 8base’s low-code platform, it’s allowed them to work faster, serve more clients with fewer employees and increase their revenue. Here’s how:

Improve efficiency — and your bottom line

When you choose 8base, every client project begins with 80% of the backend built.

“8base cuts in half all the things that you need to do to create a well-designed application.” Angel Lacret, Chief of Product Development, Cobuild Lab

8base empowers agencies to deliver client work in record time, too. Some have told us they’ve been able to ship applications 50% faster! Others have said they’re seeing 30% more margin per project.

Those aren’t the only advantages 8base offers either. When you utilize our built-in invoicing tools, you’ll have the ability to customize pricing on our monthly workspace fee to generate recurring revenues for your agency. 

Get the most out of our platform with robust support

Of course, like any good partner, we’ll always be there to ensure your project’s success. We offer an extensive video and documentation library to help you expand your platform knowledge. 8base also has an active community of users you can lean on as well as live chat representatives who are available weekdays from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. EST.

Additionally, each agency agreement includes dedicated onboarding with a Q&A session. The 8base team is happy to help on your client projects, too. We offer a number of support options at a nominal hourly rate:

Live Developer Training: An 8base Developer will train you and your team on how to use 8base’s platform or integrate it with third-party tools.
Live Developer Support: An 8base Developer will help you and your team debug or strategize your project.
Project Consulting: An 8base PM or Product Architect will help you and your team architect and select project resources (ex: data models, front-end technologies, third-party tools).

Scale continuously vs. scraping frequently

An important distinction between 8base and the “no-code” solutions you’ve likely considered is that when you build something on 8base, it’s scaleable. Luke Rabin, co-founder of 8base agency partner BLDR, said a big reason he went with 8base was due to the “limitations of no-code.” He added, “No-code is great for hustling entrepreneurs, but you can’t build upon it. You’ll always have to throw out what you did and start over.”

When compared with other solutions out there, 8base gives agencies access to rock-solid architecture, incredible reliability (99.5% uptime is guaranteed) and, yes, infinite scalability.

If you’re intrigued by deploying and maintaining client projects without DevOps, contact sales@8base.com to schedule a demo today. We’ll show you how you can bring a robust backend and API to every client project without writing any code.

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