April 2, 2021

What sets 8base Labs apart? Our speed and ability.

Lesley DeCanio

At 8base Labs, we work at ludicrous speed — all without sacrificing build quality. So what allows us to move so fast there’s almost a blur? The flexible, extensible and supremely reliable 8base platform. Because we developed it and know it so well, building products on top of it is second nature to us. 

Drawing upon our team’s deep experience working with and for Fortune 500 companies, midsized companies, startups and scale-ups, we’ve expertly designed, developed and deployed:

Multi-tenant SaaS & micro-SaaS
Marketplaces & network-centric applications
Portals & customer experiences
Business process management applications
Consumer applications
Field workspace applications

We’ve done the above for a wide variety of industries, too. From healthcare and finance to education, real estate and e-commerce, the 8base platform — and the 8base Labs team — can support almost any type of client. And regardless of your industry and needs, our engagements follow an eight-phase process:


We partner with you to develop a customized strategy for the design, development and deployment of your product. Our team of digital innovation pros is determined to help you win.

Business Analysis

Before engineering your product, we create functional specifications based upon discussions with you and any stakeholders you’d like us to engage in user research. Our attention to detail in this area allows you to focus on the big picture.


Design is not just how your product looks, it’s how it works. We offer a team that leverages their experience across hundreds of projects to help you achieve remarkable results on both fronts.


We utilize an agile development methodology organized into two-week sprints.


We employ a test-driven development process so we’re building as we write new code. This means testing is happening all of the time. We can regression test every release, and can conduct thorough and rigorous Q/A checks on all of our projects.


We can manage the continuous integration / continuous deployment process for your frontend, mobile and backend applications.

Maintenance and support

We can remain involved in your ongoing maintenance, and support any modifications or bug fixes that may require attention. Since the software runs on the 8base platform, we ensure your infrastructure is fully operational.


We can easily transfer the code, test scripts and repositories to your team once the initial development is completed. As you start to hire internal resources, we can additionally orient and train your team to help them get up and running. 

While knowing how we operate is critical to your vendor selection, so is knowing what we can do for you. Though 8base is known primarily for its BaaS platform, 8base Labs is a full-service partner offering: world-class design, full-stack development, custom frontend development and custom backend development.

When you select 8base Labs to create your custom software applications, you can count on them being built rapidly and effectively. Since we built the platform we build products upon, there’s zero learning curve. This allows us to work quickly and cost efficiently while delivering a superior experience, both in product and service.

Interested in 8base Labs taking your idea from concept to execution? Check out our other blog posts in this series — The secret to a non-technical founder’s success and How 8base Labs can help your product be a success — or reach out directly to sales@8base.com.

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