February 5, 2020

The latest in product greatness from 8base in 2020


Happy New Year! How has the new year kicked off for you? On our side, we’ve been hard at work planning our roadmap for 2019, finishing some major items and starting some really cool new projects.

That said, whether we're heads up or down, we've still got to keep pushing the train forward! As a steady flow of developers continues to subscribe, and new businesses approach our solutions team, time is becoming an even more precious commodity. However, as always, we'd love to share several of the most notable developments from December and January with you!


Grouping and Aggregations

As mentioned, grouping and aggregations are huge feature advancements for the 8base GraphQL API. So many of our own projects and customers have needed this capability. Now, it's live. Also, as far as we know, we are the only GraphQL API with a full-featured grouping and aggregations capability.

New Console Layout

Sometimes, small changes can have significant meaning. During the last month, we re-structured our top-level navigation in the console to clearly section App Services and Integrations. As we develop forward, these two sections will become cornerstones to the 8base platform offering robust features and plugins.

Update Records through Relationships

Every day the 8base GraphQL API is gettings stronger. One of its most recent enhancements being the ability to update records through relationships. This is super powerful and useful when dealing with complex, normalized data models.

72 Other Feature Improvements

We pushed out 72 minor-feature updates and improvements to the product over the past month. Every one of which enhanced our service, while being unnamed and silent heroes.


Combine REST APIs in GraphQL Using 8base

Sebastian hopped on Twitch with Jason Lengstorf to do a Learn with Jason episode. Developers worldwide tuned-in to learn about combining REST APIs into GraphQL using 8base in a 90-minute live stream that you can watch here.

Using "Loose Typings" in GraphQL for Grouping and Aggregation Queries

A substantial technical development that has gone live on 8base is the ability to do grouping and aggregations using the API. The GraphQL Weekly newsletter shared this as their #1 story the week of January 9th.


8base Labs

The new year kicked-off very strong on the 8base Labs side of things. However, besides the latest projects we've both closed and have in-process, seeing referrals come from our current customers is most exciting. This has been incredibly fulfilling to see how much our customers believe in the service we provide them.


We hope you found this exciting and interesting! Please, keep the feedback coming, and we will continue to strive at knocking your socks off with excellent news and features.

The 8base Team 🚀

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