July 6, 2021

The 8base 0 to Hero Course is on Udemy!

Sebastian Scholl

Developer products come in many shapes and sizes and perform a million different functions – some benign and others fundamental. That said, the most adopted ones all  have one thing in common; great documentation. 

A developer product (API or platform) without great documentation is a puzzle that – no matter how powerful the tool – no busy person has time to solve. Unfortunately, busy people usually don’t even have time to read through great documentation; which reads as colorfully as an 1920s encyclopedia. This is why most great documentation sites all have one thing in common; a Getting Started page.

A Getting Started page is a wonderful way to help developers get from 0 to 1 at warp speed. Want to create a blockchain network with your own crypto-currency in 15-seconds? Just install X company’s SDK and run:  

BOOM, you’re in business! 

Unfortunately, what most Getting Started pages accomplish is helping someone create something really cool, really quickly, that’s totally useless. At which point the developer needs to immediately backtrack through all the documentation to delayer exactly how Frankenstein came to life. This is why most developer products with great documentation and Getting Started pages all have one thing in common; low adoption rates.

At 8base, we believe that there’s a straightforward solution to this predicament; structured learning curriculums.

Introducing Our First Udemy Course

The 8base Developer Bootcamp - 0 to Hero Course! is our first structured learning program that’s built to rapidly ramp-up developers on 8base. The course consists of 2.5 hours of on-demand video and 3 development assignments, all of which progressively builds upon 8base concepts with real-world demonstrations and use cases. 

At the end of the course students are granted a Certificate of Completion; our team highly encourages that you throw out any diploma currently hanging on your office wall and insert this certificate into its frame instead. It’s also a wonderful gift to make a framed copy of and send to one's grandmother for proudly displaying on her mantel.

Please visit the course page here to read more about the curriculum! Once the course is purchased, students will have lifetime access to it. So as we continue to add sections and improve lessons, you’ll always have access to the most up to date learning content!

Happy Development!

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