September 3, 2019

It’s Hurricane Season!


We’re sincerely sorry for all the college football fans that got tricked into opening this blog post. We promise that luring you in with a misleading title was not our goal! To set the record straight, none of this is about football. It’s hurricane season for Florida, and there is a mean-looking hurricane coming; Dorian. 

So everyone in the Miami office worked remotely on Friday. Wooo Hooo! 🎉🎉🎉

Speaking of hurricanes, we've had a pretty STORMY month over at 8base (never shy away from a segway + pun)! Last month we made the big move from Beta to General availability, whereas this past month we’ve been pedal-to-the-metal on product marketing and platform improvements. In that effort, we’ve deployed almost a dozen new screens, published a ton of excellent learning content, and focused on ads and community outreach.

Enough banter. You, most likely, have other things-to-do. Let’s wrap this up with a quick and tidy hit list. 


8base Learning Academy

Since mid-month, nine 8base Academy videos have been published to the YouTube channel - contributing over 1-hour of video learning content.


Honestly, every-day 8base gets more beautiful. Whether it’s a minor tweak or a significant feature gets added, everything feels highly polished and intuitive. We improved the way the left navigation bar works and added a “Getting Started” section to the workspace home page.

I know what you’re thinking, “Yeah yeah, of course, they say that!”. Well, don’t take our word for it. Take Sam Wight's word!

Speed & Performance

We’re all ecstatic about the amazing job our engineering team has done on supercharging 8base’s platform speed and performance. Entire seconds have been shaved off response times and page loads!


Added Code-blocks to Webflow

We solved a big problem on our blog; it didn’t allow code-blocks! Instead of letting the solution be our little secret, we wrote about it on
Picking a fight with Firebase

No one likes a bully. However, a little competitive spirit, why not? That’s why when we had a few new users move projects over from Firebase, we told everyone.

Building a Bot for Slack using 8base

For those of you who like to talk to robots or would like to have a robot that talks to you, here’s a tutorial we wrote about how to make it happen using 8base + Slack.


The Improved Logic screen

Our old logic screen needed a little love. So Carlos gave it some love! The new and improved version beautifully lists all custom functions in a workspace, with search, and displays configuration settings when selected. (Psst…a lot more to come soon 🕵)

Command Line Interface (CLI)


The 8base command-line took an impressive leap forward this month! One of the highlights being that it now lets devs generate serverless functions with pre-written mocks in JavaScript or TypeScript.


Albert Turned 50-something

If you’re reading this, it means Albert did not proofread the blog post as we asked him to. Either way, Happy Birthday Albert!


We hope you found all of this exciting and entertaining! Please, keep the feedback coming, and we will continue to strive at knocking your socks off with excellent new features.

The 8base Team 🚀

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