March 30, 2021

How 8base Labs can help your product be a success.

Lesley DeCanio

Product development is a very “tip of the iceberg” situation — there’s always more to deal with than you initially expect. Most non-technical founders tend to focus on the tip of the iceberg, the 20% of the product experience that people see, but there’s another 80% of the iceberg that could sink their proverbial ship. 

Fortunately, 8base Labs helps clients navigate murky waters. As a full-service partner, we deliver smart and stunning UX/UI along with consumerized design that’s responsive, progressive, incremental, maintainable and secure. 

Need help bringing a new digital product to market?

We’re experts at building state-of-the art web and mobile apps.

Looking for someone to create an MVP for you?

Our MVPs communicate value that drive adoption from your target audience, allowing you to vet your idea and raise capital while investing toward a full build. 

Want to rebuild an existing product that isn't scaling?

We can offer you a backend that’s as sound as your frontend (it doesn’t matter if you’re using React, Angular, Vue, React Native, Swift or other frontend technology). 

Have a legacy application that needs to be re-platformed?

We can assist with migration to the rock-solid 8base platform.

Best of all, when you choose to work with 8base Labs, you won’t have to worry about missed deadlines; cost overruns; a shortage of talent; an unskilled team; projects feeling like they’re built from scratch; “gotcha” architecture defects; or every new enhancement seeming like a full rewrite. It’s what sets us apart from other providers of design and development services. 

Don’t take our word for it though. Here are just a few testimonials from the clients and partners we've worked with:

They deliver on projects faster, better and with fewer resources.

8base Labs is able to use their own tooling to spin up an application’s backend…they can do that really quickly because they are intimately familiar with the 8base platform. [Their] services have been incredibly valuable for the business, allowing the internal team to focus their energy on other operations. Not only are they accommodating and proactive, but they are also committed to the success of the project.

  • Mbiyimoh Ghogomu, CEO, Tradeblock

Their entire approach is really a huge asset to the development process.

Any founder, technical or not, should consider 8base as a software development partner. The company is easy to work with, has highly skilled individuals who truly understood [our] aspirations and business. We made a conscious decision to not enter the IT space and 8base is helping us achieve our goals while delivering beautiful, scalable software hosted on a world-class cloud.

  • Bob Jones, Co-Founder & CEO, collabtogrow

To date they have done an excellent job implementing the functionality needed to make a viable product.

I look at 8base as the hub and APIs as the spokes along the wheel. Having a team that has the ability and know-how to bring in Twilio and Amazon Transcribe APIs only enhances LeadVolt’s platform, expanding our system’s functionality exponentially.

  • Jason Killings, CEO, LeadVolt

8base Labs has done great work.

Despite the short timeline, 8base Labs delivered an excellent tool before the deadline. The team's ability to stick to the quote they provided and strong communication skills have made for a pleasant partnership. They are a helpful partner who does work beyond the project scope.

  • Drew Baker, Technical Director, FunkHaus

They’re an excellent resource and the team has a lot of experience working in the technology industry.

8base Labs made a positive impact on our business. They acted as an advisor, assisting us beyond the scope of their work. The team was accommodating throughout the process and worked independently to produce a high-quality solution. 

  • WIlliam Lopez, CEO, Livo Holdings Group

Their holistic understanding of our vision was a key factor in the success of the project.

8base Labs really hit it out of the park early on by bringing the right people into the room and then creating a MVP visualization of our idea in a sandbox environment. When we kicked off the project, we not only had technical developers and engineers on the call, there was also a UX designer and a business strategist. This was key because technical developers, UX professionals, and business strategists will all have different perspectives.

  • Omar Taher, Co-Founder, PhoTag

Our Founder and CEO Albert Santalo likes to say that hiring 8base Labs is like taking out an insurance policy. “It’s a sure thing that we will deliver a brilliant product and for a fixed fee. Knowing exactly what you will get and for what amount of money greatly de-risks the entrepreneurial process for non-technical founders,” adds Santalo.

Interested in 8base Labs taking your idea from concept to execution? Check out our next blog post — What sets 8base Labs apart? Our speed and ability — or reach out directly to

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