April 7, 2020

COVID-19, Techstars, Product Hunt, Latest Product Release and Roadmap

Albert Santalo

On behalf of the 8base Team and myself, I hope that you’re healthy and finding the silver-linings in spending time away from offices and rush hours. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, our thoughts are with those infected, as well as the thousands of caregivers working on the front-lines each day.

Thankfully for 8base, our whole team is healthy and pushing forward. As to comply with the quarantine, each of us is currently working from home - staying connected through daily communication on Zoom and Slack. I am encouraging everyone to interact with each other as frequently as possible, as well as take breaks from their work routines. Stretching one’s legs, breathing fresh air, and seeing the sun must be top priorities while practicing social distancing.

Beyond remaining healthy, safe, and sane as things unfold, our focus continues to be:

  • Enhancing the 8base Platform and its supporting infrastructure.
  • Delivering amazing results through our professional services team.
  • Growing the 8base developer and customer networks.
  • Below are a few updates from several different efforts that I’d like to share with with you!


Between December 2019 and March 2020, 8base participated in the Techstars Austin Accelerator Program. It was awesome! You can watch our Demo Day Video using the link below.

Product Hunt

On March 2nd, the #1 Product Hunt hunter in the world hunted 8base. We received hundreds of upvotes and more comments than any other listing that day, ranking us at #4 for the day! This is great for a developer-focused product.

If you haven’t had a chance to check us out there and upvote, please take a moment to do so:

8base - The backend for startups building applications that scale. | Product Hunt Embed

Product Releases

Below is a list of some of the significant product enhancements we’ve made since our last update, in addition to dozens more:

Calculated Fields

In the 8base Data Builder, developers now have the capability of adding Computed Fields to their tables. This is a very powerful and advanced feature, allowing greater flexibility for how data is read and coerced on the server side.

Auto Increment

Instead of having to do multiple API calls to determine an incrementing number field on a table, our team released the Auto-Increment field setting for Number type fields.

Relational Sorting

Sometimes, developers may want to sort a list of records based on a value that’s stored on a related record. Until recently, this was a challenge that developers had to tackle on their own. Now, it’s a first class capability in the 8base GraphQL API.

Updates By Filter

It’s very common that developers want to update multiple records at the same time with the same value. Recently we introduced the tableUpdateByFilter operation to the GraphQL API. This allows developers to update a filtered list of records all at once!


We typically don’t say a lot about the things we have in the works. That said, we should let you know about one significant feature we’ve been working on and expect to release mid-Q2.

Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment, otherwise known as-CI/CD- will become an enterprise feature that enables development teams to create a pipeline of code changes to  development, staging, and production workspace environments. It’s a critical capability for small and large engineering teams working on software applications in an organized manner.

Be on the lookout for this in the coming weeks!


Some of you have been kind enough to ask how you can help us. Thank you!

  • Please, tell others about the great experience you've had with 8base. Whether that’s simply using our platform, or working with our professional services team to build your products.
  • Upvote us on Product Hunt and leave a comment! Click Here.
  • Engage with us on social media by liking/commenting on posts.


Again, I hope you stay healthy, safe, and sane as things continue to unfold. You will be hearing from me often. Also, as always, the team and I are here and available should you need anything.


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