November 20, 2018

collabtogrow Selects 8base to Deliver a Scalable New Solution to Drive Strategic Alliance ROI


Coral Gables, FL — collabtogrow, a technology-enabled managed services and advisory firm specializing in improving the performance of collaborative business relationships, today announced that it has selected 8base’s low-code development platform to rapidly create collabtogrow™ Succeed, a SaaS platform that will enable its clients to maximize the business returns from their partner ecosystems. The solution will be designed for the needs of business development executives who require repeatable frameworks, workflows and tools to greatly increase the chances of their alliances being successful.

By using 8base’s Solution Engineering services and low-code Platform, collabtogrow will accelerate the delivery of a robust, cloud-based SaaS solution to more effectively structure, organize and govern corporate strategic alliances. In today’s world, collaborative business relationships are fundamental to success and 85% of companies view alliances as essential to increasing revenue and growing market share, yet more than half of all strategic alliances fail.

The collabtogrow™ Succeed solution will automate the governance elements of an alliance, enable management of the alliance through KPIs and Balanced Scorecard and facilitate the partners ability to collaborate and innovate.

“We have long contemplated the launch of a technology application to deliver exponential growth to our clients managing collaborative business relationships, but the cost and development time was a challenge for a start-up like ours,” said Ken Coppins, its founder, and CEO. “With the 8base Platform, we are able to rapidly bring to market an innovative new system that is cost-effective and improves strategic alliance performance. We carefully investigated development alternatives including existing “no code” vendors. 8base was the only company that could equip our subject matter experts with powerful and agile tools to deliver a solution that will be capable of scaling and evolving with collabtogrow itself.”

8base’s Solution Engineering services will offer collabtogrow the resources and tools to build and scale custom enterprise-level software solutions at a more rapid pace than its competitors. collabtogrow will leverage a tailored approach that encompasses planning, implementation, and optimization. Albert Santalo, founder and CEO of 8base said that, “The entrepreneurs behind collabtogrow had the foresight to realize that building on 8base greatly accelerates their path to going live and achieving revenue traction. Rather than build cloud infrastructure and a multi-tenant SaaS chassis from scratch, they close to leverage 8base and immediately begin work on their true innovation. Less capital required and less time to market means the entrepreneurs greatly reduce market timing risk and retain a larger percentage of company ownership.”

About collabtogrow: collabtogrow is a Boston-based technology-enabled managed services and advisory firm that specializes in improving the performance of strategic alliances. Our mission is to help our clients succeed by avoiding mistakes, improving overall performance, and succeeding with strategic alliances and partnerships by leveraging our proven framework of global best practices, standards, and tools. collabtogrow was founded by senior consulting executives with diverse industry backgrounds. Whether you’re a business that’s new to strategic alliances, or you’re looking to revitalize your existing strategic alliance programs, our services are designed for you to expand market share, increase revenue, and establish meaningful relationships with your strategic partners. For more information, visit or follow us at @collabtogrow.

About 8base: 8base’s mission is to democratize software development and unlock the power of digital transformation for businesses worldwide. It does this by providing the industry’s most modern low-code technology platform, operating environment, and toolset. With 8base, users can build enterprise-grade applications faster, more easily, and less expensively than with legacy IT alternatives. For more information, visit or follow us at @8baseinc.

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