August 19, 2019

Back to School, Kind of… Mastering GraphQL, Serverless, and 8base


Developer’s, most of the time, ask themselves two important questions when evaluating new tools and services. 

  1. Is it useful?
  2. Is it documented?

Naturally, a tool that’s not useful rarely gets used. It’s less rare though than you might think that an amazing product fizzles out - useful or not - because it went undocumented. The level of uncertainty an audience has around how to use something directly impacts their willingness to adopt. When it comes to the global developer community, platforms, tools, and APIs with poor documentation don’t make the cut!

To that end, 8base has become hyper-focused on documentation. In fact, we’ve re-defined much of our content marketing strategy to hone in on developer-focused content. Making sure that we’re not only making a splash around what you can do on 8base (is it useful...) but also how you can use 8base (is it documented). 

Which is why, without further ado, we’d like to share with you…

In-depth instructional video content demonstrating the power of 8base will from now on be published weekly to our brand spanking new 8base Academy YouTube channel. With 5-videos already published and 30+ topics in planning, this channel will quickly become a primary learning resource for the greater developer community. 

Every 8base Academy video will focus on bite-sized yet meaty chunks of our developer experience. We’ll be showcasing beginner to expert use cases of the 8base platform, covering everything from “Creating Your First Workspace” to “Integrating SageMaker Machine Learning Endpoints with 8base GraphQL Resolvers”. It’s all going to be awesome and most importantly, fun.

Should you peek at a video and not recognize the presenter, he’s our new Product Manager, Sebastian Scholl. You can expect to see Sebastian leading most of the academy's videos, while intermittently may a guest take over when a specific domain demands it!

On one last note, 8base Academy is phase two of three-channel documentation revamp. Those channels are:   

  1. Hosted Documentation - For platform knowledge and technical documentation.
  2. 8base Academy - For in-depth instructional video content 
  3. … coming soon 🙃

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