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January 29, 2019

8base Shines at MangoHacks


Let’s start off by saying MangoHacks was a huge success! It’s always so inspiring to see developers using 8base.

Over 500 participants from 5+ universities attended Florida International University’s (FIU) MangoHacks. Hackers spent 36 hours creating whatever their hearts desired — either for personal growth and satisfaction or for the chance to win amazing prizes.

After the opening address, we kicked off the hackathon with a workshop on how to use 8base, lead by our VP of Technology Andrei Anisimov. It was a packed house with standing room only! The next day, Andrei led an Introduction to GraphQL workshop so participants could learn more about this new technological capability that is core to the 8base offering.

The “8base Challenge” was rewarded to the team who best-implemented 8base to power their solution. Our prize was a Nintendo Switch for every member of the winning team. Originally, that was up to 4 Nintendo Switches — however, there were two teams who were so outstanding that 8base Founder and CEO Albert Santalo decided to award all 6 hackers as winners!

MangoHacks Winners

Check out the winning teams on DevPost:

Yspott: Yspott is a marketplace for people to list and book parking spaces designed to provide a cohesive and efficient way of finding parking in real time. The app was created by Javier Feliz, and Sandorie. Check out the Yspott live app here.

To create Yspott, the students created a Vue.js application with GraphQL integration using 8base.

BetterCare: BetterCare is a web-based application that clients, patients, and caretakers use in order to effectively monitor the day-to-day events and to keep a close connection with the patient. The app was created by Travis Gayle, Hunter Danielson, Greg Lozada, and Carlos Reyes from Florida Gulf Coast University.

To create BetterCare, the students used Google’s Cloud Vision API, Google Cloud Translation API, and Vue.js + Vuetify Design Framework on top of the 8base platform.

Congratulations to Yspott and BetterCare, and to all of the MangoHacks participants. Writing code for 36 hours straight is no easy task — the 8base team had the luxury of going to sleep, but the hackers didn’t sign up for that!

Thanks to all of the participants using 8base, we received valuable feedback and learned a ton about our own platform, just as we did after the University of Miami’s UHack Hackathon back in December 2018. We’ve already started implementing product development updates based on participants’ feedback.

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