September 30, 2019

8base September '19 Product Release


Hopefully, you too had a fantastic September! Many great things have been happening over on our end. As always, we’d love to share a few of the most notable ones with you!


8base Academy

We’re now at 17 published videos on the 8base Academy YouTube channel! That’s over 2-hours of video learning content :)

Salesforce Integration

After a ton of hard work, the 8base + Salesforce integration is live! Not to mention that it works amazingly well. This video breaks down how to set up and use the integration.

Command-Line Upgrades

While, admittedly, it will always be a bit nerdy… the 8base CLI tool is getting cooler 😎 Invoking functions that accept mock flags and local access to the context argument are only two of its latest tricks.


The 8base Community has gone from getting a bi-weekly post to daily engagement! It’s been so awesome to see community members supporting each other in topics.


Explaining SQL & NoSQL, to Grandma

We casually added a fun-to-read database article on Medium. Next thing we knew, Explaining SQL & NoSQL, to Grandma garnered 24k reads and 2.5k claps!

How I Future Proofed My Tech Stack

Albert authored an awesome piece for the IndieHacks community, sharing his experience and wisdom with early-stage founders in How I Future Proofed My Tech Stack.

Meeting GraphQL at a Cocktail Mixer

CSS-Tricks loved our metaphor in Meeting GraphQL at a Cocktail Mixer. It’s a great read for understanding the developer experience of working with GraphQL.


SQL Views

The Data Builder is becoming an increasingly holistic toolset, where we now provide the ability to create SQL Views alongside 8base tables and external data sources.

89 Other Feature Improvements

Seriously, we pushed out 89 feature updates and improvements to the product during September. Every one of which enhanced our service, while being unnamed and silent heroes.


HackerNews Splash

Not to brag (...we’re going to brag) but 8base enjoyed the lime-light this month while trending on HackerNews! In just 1-day over 100 new developers signed-up for 8base 📈

Building Skyscrapers

Two separate and great entrepreneurs partnered with 8base Labs to bring their products to life. Now, they’ll only need to focus on never-ending non-product task lists 🙃 We love getting our hands dirty with these engagements, as they allow us to build other amazing products and improve 8base’s platform in the process!


We hope you found all of this exciting and interesting! Please, keep the feedback coming, and we will continue to strive at knocking your socks off with excellent news and features.

The 8base Team 🚀

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