October 19, 2018

8base Radio is here! 🎙


Businesses all over the world are struggling to keep up with the latest technologies, business methods and trends that are both a threat to their very existence and an opportunity to redefine themselves, increase revenue and profits, and ensure their livelihood.

8base’s core mission is to make powerful technology accessible and affordable to businesses of all shapes and sizes irrespective of where they are located. To us, this means more than just launching our product to the world; it means we will work on an ongoing basis to highlight how 8base and other technologies are used by businesses to reshape their future potential.

So to this end, we’re introducing 8base Radio!

8base Radio is a weekly podcast, hosted by 8base team members featuring people building and shaping the future of technology and culture. You can catch us live every Monday evening from 5 pm — 6 pm EDT on 880 AM radio in South Florida or stream the episode any time after that at: radio.8base.com. Our shows will dive deep into the technology trends that are shaping our world, how businesses are confronting these and how entrepreneurship is unfolding around them. We will also be including an open platform for the community to dial in and participate live in the conversation (more on this to come soon). You’ll hear from notable entrepreneurs, investors, CEO’s, IT leaders and trendsetters about the work that they are doing and their direct thoughts on key topics driving our future.

We look forward to sharing this experience with you and connecting with our audience in a new way.

Our first episode will be live on Monday, October 22nd at 5 pm! We hope you tune in :)


The 8base Team

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