December 15, 2021

8base Product Release Recap | 2021


8base’s goal in 2021 was to rethink "time" and how important it is to our clients. We did that, and directed our energy to making the 8base platform the fastest way to build scalable and custom apps; both for developers and built-application users.


You like apples?...

  • The 8base API connect operation now runs 35x faster!
  • The time it takes to deploy custom functions was reduced by 5 times!
  • Serverless functions (Lambda) memory usage was reduced by 30x - it’s super stable and efficient 😎
  • ALL mutations (write operations) execute 200% faster!

How do you like them apples?

Several MySQL instances per AWS account

We are stoked to also announce that we have added the ability to use different MySQL versions between different workspaces. This means...

STABILITY. You can separate a project into multiple instances so that if one stops working — another can continue and your users won’t miss a beat. You can also split your backend to use different database instances for reading and writing data.

Developer Experience Improvements

As well as optimizing for speed and stability, we’ve added some brand new bells and whistles:

  • Inbox: gives 8base developers the ability to receive and respond to platform notifications; like invitations to Organizations, workspace transfers, and more.

  • New Developer Home: view all your workspaces, organizations, inbox and learning resources from the single unified interface.
  • New Developer Profile: Easily manage Organization and Workspaces roles for team members inside their developer profiles, all in one place!

Honorable Mentions

On top of all this, we’ve added a few more capabilities that you’ll definitely want to use:

  • Possibility to configure custom functions timeout parameter through .yaml file. Our developers were getting frustrated with the 20 second custom function timeout. Now they can specify a timeout parameter for their custom functions, up to 900 seconds!
  • Ability for developers to modify Typescript configurations for 8base projects.
  • AWS region support. You can choose an AWS region for your Workspace.
  • 8base status page. Subscribe to updates on or follow us at so you will always know if poop hit the fan.

P.S. Don't forget to update your CLI to make sure that you’re fully using 8base’s latest CLI features.

Stay tuned to find out what's coming up in 2022!

The 8base Team 🚀

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