October 31, 2019

8base October '19 Product Release

Hopefully, you've had a great October!

Last week we got some incredible news. So good, we're not allowed to tell you yet...Seriously, not a word! Is that mean? Sorry, that's life. πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

Be ready for an announcement with a lot of exclamation marks – coming soon to inboxes belonging to you! With your curiosity sparked and impatience building, let's segway into listing everything that's happened in October that's not "the thing".

πŸ’» General


The 8base Community continues to pick up steam! It's really becoming a place where conversations are happening, which we love to see and encourage.

πŸ“¦ Product

Salesforce Integration Improvements

‍We launched the Salesforce integration last month and got some awesome feedback. We've upgraded the integration to now connect to Salesforce Sandbox accounts, adding more control to the user's development workflow.

OneGraph Explorer‍

We eat, breath, and love GraphQL. However, not everyone who lands on 8base is as fluent. Thanks to the guys at OneGraph, we've integrated an awesome Explorer tool into the API Explorer. It allows anyone to generate queries with a few clicks.

New 8base loader πŸ˜‰β€

We got a fresh new loading screen for the console! Login to 8base and check it out for yourself.


Users vs. Team Members‍

A huge system improvement that has been pushed out is the separation of App Users and 8base Team Members. This allows for tremendous flexibility going forward in launching tools for 8base teams, as well as is already being leveraged in the new User Administration dashboard.


Carlos is on a Roll‍

In the past 30-days, our already beautiful management console has become even finer. This is all thanks to Carlos and his relentless eye for detail. Three-cheers to him 🍾

πŸ“ Content

How to Better Describe your Startup‍

As is in any discipline, there are "do's" and there are "dont's". When it comes to talking about one's company, here are some tactics that we've learned on the battlefield in How to Better Describe your Startup.‍

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A Simple Productivity Hack using Bash Scripts ‍

Few things feel better than winning at life with a hack. In A Simple Productivity Hack using Bash Scripts, Sebastian describes a cool way in which he's started automating launching workflows.

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‍Docs Docs Docs ‍

Every week we are pushing out new updates and improvements to the documentation. As of late, we've revamped the 8base Quickstart to get users started on new projects faster, using React or Vue starter apps!

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Thank You! πŸ™
We hope you found all of this exciting and interesting! Please, keep the feedback coming, and we will continue to strive at knocking your socks off with excellent news and features.

The 8base Team πŸš€


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