October 2, 2019

8base Launches its SaaS Focused Backend-as-a-Service at TechCrunch Disrupt


SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 2, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- At TechCrunch Disrupt, 8base announced today that its SaaS focused backend-as-a-service has entered general availability after being utilized in beta since late 2018. 8base enables developers to quickly build fully-functional applications without having to worry about setting up or scaling their backend infrastructure and numerous other backend services. Instead, they focus on building custom web and mobile client interfaces using their favorite frontend frameworks.

50-80% of the code developers write doesn't directly support business-specific use cases; it goes into coding and supporting a number of non-unique systems that every application needs – authentication, authorization, database, etc. 8base abstracts that 50-80% into an API-first backend-as-a-service that has powerful development tools uniquely suited to support go-to-market applications.

8base prioritizes developer experience above all and has relentlessly iterated on its product, based upon developer feedback, after launching into beta months ago. Since that time, 8base has been acquiring customers including individual developers, entrepreneurs, consultancies and large global organizations.

"8base was born from my experience as an engineer, founder, and designer of highly complex SaaS products. With 8base, we are building software products simple enough that non-technical founders can successfully navigate the process," said Albert Santalo, founder and CEO at 8base.
"Today, we're witnessing an explosion of tech entrepreneurship, and a massive shortage of talent to support all the products being built. Non-technical founders are bootstrapping development with outsourced development shops leading to products that might look good but fail under any sort of user load. This leads to apps needing to be rewritten at the worst times possible. 8base makes it easy to build architecturally sound and fully scalable products from inception."

8base includes:

  • A backend infrastructure built on Amazon Web Services that includes a fully fault-tolerant relational database, object storage, and serverless computing.
  • A set of core application services that is rapidly expanding and today includes authentication, authorization and single sign-on, integrations, data modeling, and more.

Examples of applications being built on 8base include:

  • Insurance agency CRM
  • Multi-family property leasing platform
  • Alliance lifecycle management
  • Fitness competition management
  • End-of-life workflow orchestration
  • Investor/startup marketplace
  • Brand and Consumer digital asset management
  • For startups and larger companies that need engineering assistance, 8base provides professional services from design through development and training.

Developers can sign up today at www.8base.com. 8base offers a 30-day free trial and lets developers begin paying as little as $8 per month for a production-ready workspace to power applications. A $149 per month professional plan includes greater usage quotas at a lower cost per unit, while custom pricing is available to enterprise customers.

About 8base Inc.

8base is providing a better, faster and more affordable way to develop applications. Its backend-as-a-service product provides everything needed, except a frontend, by SaaS and other go-to-market applications through a single API endpoint. Founded in 2017 by technology entrepreneur Albert Santalo, 8base is on a mission to make developers' and innovators' lives easier by continually removing redundant and low-value-add work from the application development life-cycle. 8base is headquartered in Miami, Florida and is a founding member of the GraphQL Foundation.

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