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July 29, 2019

8base July 19' Product Release


July is Heating Up!

Since our last Product Announcement, 8base is happy to report that we’ve transitioned from Beta to General Availability — yes, we’re live! The team is really happy about this, so we all took a few moments to celebrate before coming back to work knowing fully that there’s a lot of capabilities still in-flight that our developer community is clamoring for.

Below are just some of the most awesome enhancements. Know that there are dozens more!


8base continues to get faster

We’re continually making significant performance improvements. This is also a major area of focus for the team in Q3 2019, so expect to hear more about this topic shortly.

Amazing user interface

We made dozens of user interface improvements across the system that makes working on 8base feel dreamy.

Our new and improved home screen

We now have a new Home Screen in each workspace that dynamically illustrates usage, allows team insights, and much more.

8base Home Dashboard


External app users in one camp, 8base user in another

Separate sections/capabilities for managing the developers you collaborate with on your 8base workspace(s) versus the users you support using your built apps are now live.

Pssst… We are also working on a new and improved User Administration area in Q3.

Utilize OpenID as a third-party authentication provider, or our own

8base comes out-of-the-box with its own authentication provider and in April we released the ability for developers to incorporate their own Auth0 account. Now we also support the ability for developers to incorporate OpenID as an authentication provider.

8base Authentication Profiles

Roles are now a part of invitations

When viewing a list of outstanding invitations, it’s easy to see the role(s) the user was invited to.

8base Invitation Roles

More helpful security configurations for workspaces

Now you can separately configure which team members have rights to change your workspace settings and perform user administration, schema management, and other really important stuff!


Multiple file uploads in the Data Viewer

Data Viewer has now been enhanced to allow for multiple files to be uploaded at once for a file-type field.

8base Data Viewer Edit

New thumbnail preview for files in Data Viewer

Reading filenames is boring. So we added thumbnail previews.

8base platform screen showing data viewer with multiple files
8base Data Viewer

8base’s GraphQL engine keeps getting more powerful

Now developers can utilize improved filtering options in their queries with commands, such as “isEmpty / isNotEmpty,” and “is_self / not_self.”

8base now supports Views

In addition to administering data tables, we now support the creation of views and fully exposing them through GraphQL. This is a very powerfulfeature that allows for nearly endless possibilities for aggregating and denormalizing data.


The new Logic screen

We added a new logic screen that lists the custom functions within a workspace and includes the logs associated with each function. It makes debugging and performance monitoring sooooo much easier.

Other stuff…

We added an ability to call functions from within functions; developers can now run “context.api.gqlRequest” with root permissions. We also added the ability to override the authorization token in “context.api.gqlRequest”. Lastly, we improved error handling for custom functions.

Command Line Interface (CLI)


Scaffold a React app in seconds, as well as table-specific front-end components for performing CRUD operations using GraphQL.


We hope that some of the hard work mentioned resonates with you! Please keep the feedback coming and we will continue to strive at knocking your socks off with awesome new features.

The 8base Team

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