February 21, 2020

8base releases Bolt ⚡️- full bi-directional integration with Salesforce.com in AppExchange


We built 8base to accelerate the development of enterprise-grade web and mobile applications for businesses, both large and small. Along the journey, we realized that corporate data is often housed across multiple  systems.  

This led us down an ambitious path, on which we dreamt of making the integration of external systems something that was as simple as entering login credentials. Thus, 8base Bolt was born.

We decided that our first integration would be with Salesforce.com given its massive popularity and usage by businesses as the system of record for customer data. While many people have been testing our Salesforce Bolt integration in beta since December 2019, the complete Read / Write integration was released last week. Now, it is being used in production applications and has been approved and listed on the Salesforce AppExchange. 

What does this mean?

Business data often gets spread across many different systems. That said, systems that are easy to get data into don't always make it easy to get data out. 

With the full release of 8base's Salesforce Bolt integration, we've trivialized access to and management of your Salesforce data through our GraphQL API, which means that people building custom applications can have full access to their Salesforce and 8base data through a single API endpoint. 

This capability opens up a plethora of new business application opportunities that traditionally would have required varied expertise and large budgets to develop and maintain. 

Here are a few of the integrations key benefits:

  1. Access all Salesforce data through 8base’s powerful GraphQL API.
  2. Save money by reducing the need to customize your Salesforce account.
  3. Develop applications using JavaScript and TypeScript; no need for Apex developers. 
  4. Use 8base instead of Salesforce for resources like file storage, user accounts, and authorization.
  5. Cross-connect Salesforce and 8base tables using SQL relationships.

If your 2020 roadmap includes building web and mobile applications that will make use of customer data stored in Salesforce, we'd love to talk! Let's schedule some time to discuss what you're building and how we can help bring the vision into reality.

Thank you,

8base Team

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