April 30, 2019

8base April 19' Product Release


April Product Release

After a very significant product release in March, the team has not slowed down and we are excited to tell you about all of the things we released for you this past month.


8base is Getting Faster

We made some significant performance improvements to 8base, speeding up response time by approximately 20%.

User Interface Improvements

We made dozens of user interface improvements across the system including faster performance of large tables in Data Viewer, row numbers in Data Viewer, side navigation animation, address subfields grouping and more.

It’s Easier to Invite Your Colleagues

We implemented a prominent “Invite” button on the top navigation toolbar to facilitate inviting your colleagues to your workspace.


Allow Self-Sign Up and Single-Sign-On

8base now allows you to configure self-user registration as an option for built apps. Users can sign up with username and passwords or utilize any of our 30+ single-sign-on providers.

Custom domains for Built Apps

8base now allows for the configuration of custom domains for built apps. This feature allows developers to deploy their front-end application to custom domains and whitelist domains allowed for authentication.

Utilize Third-Party Authentication Provider

8base comes out-of-the-box with its own authentication provider but now we also allow for developers to incorporate their Auth0 account in the event they want to integrate their current authentication instance or simply take more control over security settings.


Data Import Tool

We added a new data import tool that supports comma-delimited (.csv) files. This new facility supports the mapping of import fields to 8base tables.

Enhanced Search

We added a new full-text search capability to Data Viewer. This new feature supports search across all text fields in a table.

Multi-Line Text Box

For longer text fields, we have now incorporated a multi-line text box within Data Viewer.

8base’s GraphQL Engine Keeps Getting More Powerful

Now developers can get a list of fields that can be read or updated for each table. Our API automatically merges all user roles to produce a single field-level permissions configuration. This is handy for dynamically updating a screen based on user permissions. Example: hiding form fields that a user is not allowed to modify.


Calling Asynchronous Tasks

8base’s Serverless Compute environment now supports calling asynchronous tasks from within serverless functions.


We appreciate all the excitement last month from our release and hope you are equally pleased with our newest capabilities. Please keep the feedback coming and we will continue to strive to delight you with awesome new features.

The 8base Team

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