Evgeny Semushin

Engineering Team Lead

Evgeny brings deep practical and academic expertise along with a passion for software development. Being technology-agnostic, Evgeny easily switches between C++, Java, JavaScript, Swift and others. His deep understanding of underlying architectural, algorithmic and mathematical concepts allows him to stay ahead of the curve. Being an early adopter of the iOS platform, Evgeny was developing iOS apps since the first public iOS SDK was released. Throughout his career Evgeny built variety of software. From complex web systems to mobile and IoT applications.

Evgeny is also experienced in leading in-house and distributed development teams. As a CEO of EcmaSoft he ran a mobile development team of 15 that produced several mobile apps and games that charted in top-10 in multiple categories and countries in the App Store.

Evgeny holds a master’s degree in Math and Computer Science from Saint Petersburg State Electrotechnical University, Russia.

Currently as a Backend Lead at 8base Evgeny drives the development of the core 8base backend platform using a cutting edge technology stack.

Evgeny Semushin

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