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Our solution engineering can assist your organization with software development efforts on 8base as an extension of your team and partners in your success.


Design & Develop using 8base

Companies often have great ideas and intentions to implement them but lack the application development skills to make them real. 8base can assist with an amazing team of design and technical experts to make this process easy and stress-free.

Assist in IT Strategy Formulation

8base's team of IT strategists can assist in providing a rapid assessment of any company's current state and a strategy for implementing the most modern tools and methods to enable digital transformation.

Lift-and-shift of existing system

Oftentimes companies have built custom applications in siloes and on outdated technologies. 8base provides an easy migration path and a team to assist with modernization and consolidation of these systems.

Large data set migration to 8base

As part of a legacy system transformation to 8base, we often encounter the need to migrate large data sets. When this occurs, the 8base team can assist with the migration.

8base Solution Engineering Success

We are incredibly proud of the work we are doing to assist companies not only with our platform, but with our world class services.
Alliance Management SaaS

collabtogrow is a Boston-based technology-enabled managed services and advisory firm specializing in improving the performance of collaborative business relationships.

In today's world, collaborative business relationships are fundamental to success and 85% of companies view alliances as essential to increasing revenue and growing market share, yet more than half of all strategic alliances fail.

To take advantage of this unique market opportunity, collabtogrow partnered with 8base to leverage the 8base Platform in order to rapidly and cost-effectively develop the collabtogrow™ Platform. 8base developed a cloud-based, scalable, single instance/multi-tenant secure application with advanced features like identifying the right partners, establishing clear goals, accountabilities, and objectives and implementing a measurement protocol through established KPIs and a Balanced Scorecard. 

This allows alliance partners to engage, collaborate, innovate and grow their businesses.

With the 8base Platform, we are able to rapidly bring to market an innovative new system that is cost effective and improves strategic alliance performance. We carefully investigated development alternatives including existing “no code” vendors. 8base was the only company that could equip our subject matter experts with powerful and agile tools to deliver a solution that will be capable of scaling and evolving as collabtogrow does as well.

Ken Coppins
President & CEO of collabtogrow

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