Boost UI Kit for
enterprise applications

Utilize our Boost UI Kit to build beautiful, responsive React web apps in conjunction with the 8base Platform.

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8base is unbiased

Any UI Kit for React, Angular, Vue.js or other front-end framework works well with 8base. Use Boost if you are building a React app and its suits your use-case. Otherwise, you can use whatever front-end framework suits you best. 8base will support it.

Intelligent UI components

Boost components intelligently handshake with the 8base backend. Field definition changes such as length, type and other constraints are immediately reflected in Boost components.

Boost components inform the user of an error without a roundtrip to the backend.

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8base boost ui kit for react.js

8base is boost

Everything you see when you use 8base was built with Boost so we decided we would open source it for you to use in your applications.

Boost is continually getting better

8base is constantly getting better and becoming more feature-rich. As 8base evolves, so does Boost!

Simple components for boost ui kit

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