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What is enterprise software?

Whether it’s for a business, school, interest-based user group, charity, or government, software solutions built for organizations rather than individual users can be considered Enterprise Software or EAS (enterprise application software). These software services and applications are often developed to facilitate efficiencies in enterprise-level companies.

Building Enterprise Software Companies

Are you in the development of your own software project or application business? Maybe it’s a mobile application that allows project managers to more effectively communicate with teams or software solutions for energy companies.

Either way, your project will require an application back-end for storing your services important business data. Not to mention one with enterprise-level security at the database and API.

The Back-end for Enterprise Software Solutions

8base is an ideal application back-end for your enterprise software project. Whether you’re building a mobile or web application, our development platform provides you with a preconfigured back-end environment so you focus on more time on the actual business, data, and interfaces. This lets your project development move faster and saves your business time and money.

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How 8base Can Help with Enterprise Applications Development

If you have a great Enterprise Software project in mind but not the application development team in place to execute on it, we can help. Our solutions team, 8base Labs, provides world-class application development services.

Whether it’s the full development life-cycle from design to development, or simply set up the application back-end, our solutions team is ready to help you bring your project to market. 

The following case studies are great examples that highlight how our solutions team has helped various entrepreneurs bring their enterprise software businesses to market quickly.

Why We’re Different from Other Enterprise Software Platforms

Unlike our competitors, the 8base application back-end is purpose-built for the development of business software. That’s why we took on the challenge of including services like a relational SQL database instead of NoSQL, enterprise-level security, application core services like roles and permissions, as well as many other application solutions.

While most services are designed to make prototyping easy, they fail under load - making them unsuitable for anything other than hobby development or proof-of-concept applications. 8base, on the other hand, is designed to scale, meeting business requirements and making sure that your development effort doesn’t have to be re-built using “the right technology” once your application begins to take off.

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